Demand copies of receipts and third-party bills; if the landlord admits to having done the work DIY-style, then ask for a detailed explanation of the repairs and get comparable written estimates from local vendors. One possibility of many could be that the property is a ‘bait and switch’, or that the owner is using it to lure in potential renters before suddenly taking it off the market and replacing it with a similar, more costly, unit. Do they seem friendly and motivated to rent the unit to you? Contact local authorities. Abit of info, my family is already well-off so money was never an issue. If your landlord speaks to you only in person or on the phone and never responds to your emails or texts, you should suspect their intentions. There might be some cases where the scammer lives overseas and needs you to forward the money to them in return for the keys, which is a situation to be wary of. Most landlords aren’t scammers, but if you spot these signs, think twice before you sign a new lease. Unfortunately, many times these scammers are outside of the US and it is very difficult to get your money back. The incentive to act fast before it’s gone can cause renters to sign a lease quickly. If a landlord doesn’t have you fill out a standard rental application or form, that implies they don’t like to put things in writing. They work with the FBI and local authorities to help manage and solve internet scams, such as rental listing scams. A property that is priced below the going market rate in your area should be an immediate red flag. They won’t let you tour the place in person. I had recently had a scam pulled on me for a rental property 405 E Blackman Harvard,Il. Here are seven ways to spot rental scams or fraudulent behavior before you sign the lease on that apartment for rent in Raleigh, NC, as well as some ways you can respond. Had me going until he asked for money! In both scenarios, you should be a bit suspicious. Read this article to help avoid rental scams. This by far the most common scam: when someone pretending to be a landlord or someone authorised (e.g. This can be a time-consuming step, but you need to see if you want to live in the space before you sign a lease agreement. The prospective tenant pays the sum (which can be several hundred pounds or mo… The registry will show if he's been selling off other property, which could be a sign of financial crisis. But the more people who notify the FTC about a rental scam, the more likely the scam will be stopped and the landlords or … If you are in the unfortunate position of needing a place immediately, be extra careful. Even if you meet someone in person who claims to be the landlord, you should absolutely see the property before signing a lease or sending money. Rental property listing scams typically aim to steal money. If you spot a possible rental scam you should contact the website that published the listing. Cash means no record of the monthly rental payment and possibly no bank account on the landlord’s part. Then how can you determine if a unit is at fair market value and not a scam? #4. There’s never a good reason to wire money to pay a security deposit, application fee, first month’s rent, or vacation rental fee. A psychological … Read the Full Announcement. By law, you can expect some standard apartment features: functioning plumbing, adequate heating, weather-proof windows and doors, fire and emergency exits, smoke detectors, etc. Signs of a Scam. On the flip side, scammers typically don’t want to meet you, since they don’t want you to be able to report them. Most landlords aren’t scammers, but if you spot these signs, think twice before you sign a new lease. Take your time to learn as much as you can about the property and its owner. A good landlord will make sure that they meet you, since renting to someone is a big decision that requires trusting a person will follow the rules in the lease. To understand what market rates are, you should look at properties that are comparable in location, size and amenities. If one or more of these features aren’t up to snuff, it is incumbent upon your landlord to address them immediately.