I am looking for a word (or two words) to describe a woman's voice that is "sexy" in a slightly deep, smooth, alluring way. Alright, enough pre-ambling (what are we, the Constitution?!). What are good adjectives to describe an attractive man and his features? In my 20 years of communication training and coaching, I notice one consistency about voice: a person with a strong, attractive voice has a big advantage over a person with a weak, unattractive voice. Researchers found women judged to have pretty faces also have voices regarded by men as appealing. Female Voice Types 5. Just like in real life, characters in stories express themselves through their clothing, so use your character’s clothes to show something about their personality. You may talk about her in terms of her critical thinking, her ability to speak her mind, and her sense of humor, rather than focus on her body shape or appearance. How can I restore and keep a built-in cutting board in good condition? Some of these more often describe a voice quality. When snow falls, temperature rises. How to model RNA-DNA binding as a "string matching" problem using statistical physics? Deep rough voice but in an attractive way. This produces a more resonant, deep, and attractive tone that carries. I mean, really describe them, so that I could have a clear image in my head of what they look like — things like body shape, age, hair, etc.? That's typically a … You don’t want to go too high. It is straightforward, deeper, and easier to imitate for a beginner in the female voice. Why? Ira Glass, the host of NPR’s This American Life, has a really nasally sort of high-pitched voice that wouldn’t normally be classified as attractive or pleasant-sounding. A very controlled and pleasant voice. Of concern to vocologists is the temptation for females to try to mimic these celebrities by habitually speaking in pitches below a natural level. Have some ice cream to celebrate! He was hypnotized by the mellow tone of her voice. very attractive and pleasant. For me, it was Linda from Bob’s Burgers. You’ll find with a raised larynx, your voice will actually be higher than you are used to. E.g. Magnificent An extremely attractive and extraordinary voice. Vocabulary Builder Course In this lesson you’re going to expand your vocabulary with 37 words to describe a person’s appearance. 16. It needs to be expressive. Lovely. A very controlled and pleasant voice. https://anerdytransgirl.com/how-to-completely-feminize-your-voice Men can judge how attractive a woman is by hearing her talk, according to a study. Your voice is too beautiful to be real. Your voice made my heart skip a beat. You have honesty and purity in your singing. Serif-style symbol for the set of real numbers. Now comes the fun part – actually speaking. High Pitched. It only takes a minute to sign up. an elegant person is attractive and graceful in their appearance and behaviour. I leaned into the normal attributes of my voice and used Linda’s best speaking moments to figure out how to make a fun, natural female voice. Huh. Blog. Minimum tech level required to outrun a terminator? *cracks knuckles* Heh heh, alright, here we go. The voice which has no intonation and is very monotonous, it means they have a flat voice. Eventually you will be able to sustain it all day, every day. What is this swastika looking symbol in John Hancock's family papers from circa 1762. I agree with "husky." You could describe a slight smile that seems to teeter on the edge of a loud cackle or a single-sided smile, a curled lip that could indicate sardonic, begrudging amusement. Hold it for a few seconds, then relax. Then repeat. Following are 8 traits, both physical and behavioural, that actual scientific research has found that women find attractive in men. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. (opposite of monotone), A word or phrase to describe events that happen alongside major historical events, a word to describe: Who, What, Where, When. Next, tap on “Siri Voice”, which you can see here is “American (Female)” by default. Are you looking to hire a voice talent but lacking the adjectives on how to describe a voice that you want? Looking for a combinatorial proof for a Catalan identity. of sound, taste, and color) Pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness. More Than 250 Adjectives to Describe Voices Some of the following words tell rather than show. elegant adjective. Why is it "crouching tiger hidden dragon" but not "crouching tiger hiding dragon"? Depending on one's tastes this could be attractive I suppose. Breathiness comes from air whistling through a gap at the back of the vocal cords. Be sure to leave a comment or tweet @anerdytransgirl with any input you may have! But my voice is naturally loud, strong, obnoxious, and I love Brooklyn accents. Luscious voice A very tasteful and attractive voice that appeals to the senses. Orotund. Social Issues Meaning, girls can be beautiful, pretty, adorable, cute, gorgeous, stunning, etc whereas I can't see many men, especially more masculine guys, taking kindly to being called these. cus guys never use that word anymore You may not need to describe a tone of voice much of the time. However, sometimes you might, particularly when the tone of voice does not match what the person is saying. Here’s the secret that I don’t think anyone but me has tried, but it worked wonders: You read that right. As reported by the NOAD, the meaning of tantalize is excite the senses or desires of someone. Ringing - A voice which carries easily and can be heard clearly over music and other voices (often used to describe tenor voices in opera). charming adjective. These videos are of Rosa (the badass detective in Brooklyn99), Tracy Chapman (world-renowned singer of ‘Fast Car’), and the third is my personal hero, Marisa Tomei, in one of my favorite films (My Cousin Vinny). You won’t be able to breathe at this moment, because your tongue is helping to hold up your larynx. Don’t go trying to mimic Taylor Swift – she’s in way too high of a register. That way, they'll have a clear idea of what they look like, how they behave, and what sort of character they are. I chose this because I read in an old vocal-feminization blog that the average woman’s pitch for speaking is a middle C. My goal was to get to C and then eventually to E (two notes higher). Nasal. How To Quickly (And Legally) Change Your Name, Transgender Day of Remembrance Seminar: “Support That Matters”, “Do You REALLY Want the Surgery?” Said Everyone, Imposter Syndrome Is Not Invincible – Here’s How To Beat It. Which takes me to the best part – as long as you work on your voice slowly and safely, it will be just as natural as the voice you have now! This gives form to the pitch you’ve been humming in a way that you can try to match, rather than you coming up with it on your own. Soulful This article will help you find the right words! Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Why is SAT so important in theoretical computer science? Gorgeous very beautiful or magnificent; wonderful; delightful. This will aid in building a dominant, authoritative voice. Now that you understand the difference in vocal tone, we need to make sure your voice projects correctly. If you can match the pitch and speaking style of these newscaster (just by mimicking their sentences after raising your larynx and achieving a middle C-E pitch), congratulations, you’re 90% there! Join our other members for new content alerts and free articles! Describe attractive features: "She blinked bright green eyes behind mile long lashes and smiled, full crimson lips giving way to pearl white teeth. exciting or capable of exciting strong sexual desire, Husky voice is the key to seduction —headline in Hindustan Times. So you can start like this: If you’ve done steps one through three correctly, you should have a kickass lower-registered-female hum! Hence this shows that it is quite difficult to find some words to describe powerful, intelligent women in the English language. But still, we have brought some of the best words that you can use for your loved ones. As for other causes, it’s hard to say for sure but a flatter tone has been correlated with a couple of surprising things.The first is that men with monotone voices seemed to be healthier than other men. It is straightforward, deeper, and easier to imitate for a beginner in the female voice. Husky. Female news anchors, meteorologists, and reporters. I’ll touch more on this later, but trans women have a tendency to overcompensate and have the lightest, fairy-est voice they can to try to sound feminine. PRO TIP: whoever you decide to mimic, make sure they have a lower voice!! Can you hit the range between middle C and E? Once you build up a strong foundation, you can start to find female role models that you want to speak like! That’s fine. But the good news is that science actually does have some answers as far as male-female attraction dynamics go. The pitch I started at is a middle C on the piano (you can download any piano app or go online and find the pitch). "There appears to be a common stereotype in our culture that deems a sexy female voice as one that sounds husky, breathy, and lower-pitched," she says. My favorite part of crafting a new voice was figuring out how to turn my normal style of speaking into a female version of myself. What words are similar in meaning to “monosyllabic” or “disyllabic”, but refer to the letters and not the sounds? a husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse (=as if you have a sore throat), often in an attractive way And to me, that’s the most important part of a natural-sounding voice. You don’t have the high-pitched squeal of a comedy show or the well-trained soprano of a singer to try to emulate. I see this word used in exactly this way with some frequency. This article will help you find the right words! Firstly, you don’t want to go too fast. The dialogue itself may make it clear. Yeah, my dictionary says "(of a voice or utterance) sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse" – this doesn't sound particularly smooth or feminine. Simply put, the ‘news’ voice is by design more monotone and of a lower register. And because of that, it can’t be at the tippy-top of your register (because then you can’t make your voice higher and lower as you speak – there’s nowhere for it to go). Some of them more often describe how a character says something in particular—a tone rather than a voice. For instance, describing a voice as mocking tells in one word what might be better shown with dialogue and body language: “You’re no better at darts than your puny brother,” Jim said, eyebrows raised. Goddess a female of incredible beauty, grace and charm; a female deity. Although studies have found that both men and women with “attractive voices” are thought to be “warmer, more likable, honest, dominant, and more likely to achieve” — and they also have more sexual partners and may be more likely to engage in infidelity — the qualities that make a voice attractive are slightly less clear. Okay, so if you want to target a middle C and have it sound natural, there is a set of exercises you need to do first before you start trying to speak, and that is raising the larynx. Smokey. What word(s) describe a woman's voice as “sexy”? Here’s a definition from urban dictionary. Husky. High Pitched. Try to hold the swallow for as long as you can. And now I see someone has come along and down-voted my answer, perhaps thinking it happened later than the accepted one. husky (adj): a husky voice is deep and sounds hoarse (as if you have a sore throat), often in an attractive way; low (adj): a low voice is quiet and difficult to hear; also used for describing a deep voice that has a long wavelength Sweet; mellifluous; “your voice sounds like heaven flowing down to earth”, “your singing makes me feel like I am floating in the air” … Honestly, you just need to say what comes to you at the moment when you want to compliment someone. Modulated. The best I could come up with is mellifluous, but I'm looking for something simpler... maybe "Sultry"? but over all I love it weh my bf calls me beautiful. The chest voice uses your diaphragm to talk. If you enjoyed this article, consider sharing! Is this due to entropy? So here are some ways you don’t want to sound/train. Five strategies to maximize your sales kickoff; Jan. 26, 2021. Freezing water: in layers or all at once? Your singing depicted the lyrics too well to describe. Your singing pierced through my heart. They are somewhat bass-ey, they have body and fullness to them, they can be aggressive and take on multiple types of emotions, and they are very authentic. Generally used to describe a female’s voice. How can I make a peach material similar to this picture? Let’s begin with the word beautiful – in English, this word is mostly used for women. Jan. 26, 2021. (esp. So what’s the safest way to start doing that? Did you find this helpful? It’s tough, but I can confirm that there are few things as gratifying as being gendered correctly over the phone when you are just starting your transition (and look like an androgynous blob). How do these lines in Shakespeare's Sonnet 151 mean what they're supposed to? Female news anchors, meteorologists, and reporters. Moving beyond simple adjectives, there’s a long tradition of using similes, especially food and drink, for sexy female voices: like honey; like Bourbon; like (melted) chocolate; like … I recommend humming. You may not need to describe a tone of voice much of the time. The new accent or gender will take effect once you’re connected to Wi-Fi and the new voice is downloaded. The Contralto has a tessitura of around an E3-E5 and a good amount of vocal weight. Now next time you swallow, hold the swallow when your Adam’s apple is at the highest point. To start off our discussion on pitch, let’s get some inspiration first. A pleasant and enjoyable tone that pleases the listener. Moving beyond simple adjectives, there’s a long tradition of using similes, especially food and drink, for sexy female voices: These are especially popular for describing jazz and soul singers singers — I remember some Nina Simone and Ells Fitzgerald liner notes from the 60’s and 70’s with great examples, which I wish I could find online…. an attractive person is pleasant to look at, especially in a way that interests you sexually. Ideally, you'd describe a character as soon as the reader meets them. Negative word for someone whose voice pitch varies too much? Is it a fundamental tenet of liberalism to allow the expression of illiberal ideals? There are many factors which influence one person's attraction to another, with physical aspects being one of them. Are you looking to hire a voice talent but lacking the adjectives on how to describe a voice that you want? As a result, women find men with lower-pitched voices more attractive. Not you, that’s for sure. Great! How to center the entry of a multicolumn in an array? The chest voice uses your diaphragm to talk. Is it unethical to accidentally benefit from online material in a take-home exam? I’ve been wanting to make this article ever since I was able to make a no-questions-asked passable female voice. One word for people who believe God once existed but not now. After a few weeks of practice, you should be able to more or less match the pitch and other speaking attributes of the newscaster! Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from either. Nevertheless, no one would mistake their voice for a male’s. dropdeadgorgeous. Often used to refer to singers, but conveys the sense without the "weight" of husky or the overtness of sultry. Submit a project . After about a week or so of doing this, you should start to be able to feel out the muscles that are holding your larynx up more acutely, and this time try to keep it held. Super lame, I know. With humming, you are relaxing your throat and it is being strained less than if you were speaking. That’s great! So, let’s divide the article into two sections: pitch and enunciation. For the BBC video, you don’t need to worry about the British accent, just try to match the pitch and cadence of the voice! Women and Society: It is not a secret that women have been treated badly and have been given less importance than men. A very high and squeaky voice. Why would the side of the moon that faces earth be as dark as the far side of the moon? Some of them more often describe how a character says something in particular—a tone rather than a voice. The first word that came to mind was "sultry" for me too. Humans have a stellar intuition for things that seem ‘off’, and if your voice is too high for your speaking mannerisms, body type, or comfort level, they can pick up on that right away. Compare your humming pitch with a piano. Do this at morning and at night, followed by a glass of warm water. Here’s a great video that you can use to practice! The dialogue itself may make it clear. So what should you mimic? I hope to hear from you! You’re done for the session. Mellow But as I’ve shown, tons of strong, beautiful women have voices in a lower register, so use those for inspiration and go find your voice! Hot is similar to sexy in that it’s an attractiveness that provokes sexual interest or even lust.You can say that “he is hot,” or that “he is a hottie.” Both hot and sexy are slightly objectifying. It's not specifically used to describe a voice, but it's a common use. - A voice with a full and engaging timbre, that flows easily and contains in it a sense of gravitas and experience. Swallow (spit or water will do). Did you want more information about a particular topic? Nasal voice is as if they are speaking through their nose. There are two mediums of vocal projection: your chest and your head. Modulated. Synonyms. Your mesmerizing voice made me move. You can tell a story with your singing. The content isn’t important, but one is from pre-transition and one is from post-transition (I’m sure you’ll know which is which). Sassy: An adjective used to describe a woman with a personality. Deep rough voice but in an attractive way. Different from what is commonly heard. This process will take weeks to months to perfect. Other words like "silky", "raspy", "chesty" also occurred to me, but they do not exactly fit the OP's description. You don’t have the high-pitched squeal of a comedy show or the well-trained soprano of a singer to try to emulate. Is there a word to describe someone who has healthy eating habits but isn't necessarily fit or muscular? Attempting to remove extra “edges” from truncated icosahedron lead to excessively global consequences. This produces a more resonant, deep, and attractive tone that carries. Okay, great. You can’t speak in a single high-pitched fairy tone for every sentence you say and have it sound natural, it needs to rise and fall. Do I have to pay a web hosting company for an SSL certificate? Weird that you answered a minute before, but got half the votes. Getting a passable female voice can be that extra ‘oomf’ that you need to cross the gender gap like Columbus crossed the Atlantic (if Columbus was queer and didn’t kill and spread disease to native peoples). Continue humming around a middle C and a few notes above and below for a couple of weeks until you are comfortable. However. "This suggests that the motivation to … So today, let’s look at 72 adjectives to describe appearance in English. If you want to do it well, describing people’s appearance in English can be tricky and requires a lot of detail. attractive adjective. Sultry, Sexy, Attractive, arousing, come-hither, delicious, luscious, appealing, captivating, heavenly, fetching. Contrary to popular belief, for trans women, hormones don’t change their voice – we gotta do that ourselves! I’m going to show you a few women with voices that are deeper in register, to prove my point that you don’t need a super high Mean Girls voice to sound feminine. I came across this tip once in an old YouTube video on training your female voice and it helped me exponentially. Good-looking handsome; beautiful; attractive; pleasing in appearance. Nasal voice is as if they are speaking through their nose. It is from here that I drew my inspiration. Below the accents, you can assign Siri a male or female gender. If you feel your voice hurting/aching, STOP and rest. Contralto Voice Types: The Contralto is the lowest of the female voice types and like the Basses and Countertenors, they’re quite rare. Look for someone 'in your league' Men — and women — are attracted to people who are as attractive as they are. There are two mediums of vocal projection: your chest and your head. For example, you may describe your main female character by focusing on her actions rather than her physical attributes. Now all that’s left is to personalize it and make it your own! It cuts through loud environments without having to yell or strain. Notice that all these women have voices significantly lower-pitched than a girl from, say, Legally Blonde. The best way I’ve found to learn how to have an effective feminine voice is through mimicry. Nasal. Let’s do this. So for a period of two weeks or so, before you try humming or speaking at all, you’ll want to practice raising your larynx (basically your Adam’s apple) and keeping it raised indefinitely. The flash of color in her cheeks made his heart pound. rev 2021.2.5.38499, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, English Language & Usage Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. But first…some proof that I’m not just all talk (pun absolutely intended). You may notice a recent preference for low-pitched and rough female voices. examples buhle( the african language ndebele)belle(french) or you could use gorgeous,ravishing. Her luscious voice made the crowd turn wild. Sometimes going too high can hurt your passing ability rather than help it. Orotund. On to Part II! The gap is larger in women, giving them a breathier voice. 15. In the Siri Voice options, you can choose between American, Australian, and British. Both are just as important, in my opinion, but let’s start with pitch! Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor, Visual design changes to the review queues. Is this encounter in Ghosts of Saltmarsh ridiculously deadly? Words used to describe an attractive person - thesaurus. The contralto tone of voice types almost sound like men when they speak or sing lower notes. when a guy calls me hot i feel like a sex object so just use gorgeous,beautiful, or find words in other languages that mean beautiful. Seductive - A voice that oozes sex appeal and conveys a sense of persuasion. Women sometimes modify their voices to sound most attractive during the most fertile part of their menstrual cycle. The voice which has no intonation and is very monotonous, it means they have a flat voice. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. Instead of ‘Her face held an amused expression’ think of what makes a face have this appearance and try to describe the visual elements of this amusement. A very high and squeaky voice. Remember, you don’t want to go incredibly high – it won’t sound natural. Do you feel your Adam’s apple rise when you swallow? Perhaps the popularity of actresses such as Demi Moore and Kathleen Turner has brought this trend to the forefront. Husky has the specific connotations of deep and alluring that you’re asking for — though maybe not so much of smooth. There are a few ground rules we need to cover that you may or may not know already (depending on how much you’ve read about this topic on Reddit). For instance, the study subjects preferred female voices that pronounced the "oo" sound — as in the word "goose" — further forward in the mouth. Click here to visit my Patreon page and support the site! Graceful characterized by beauty of style, shape or execution. Honestly, I rarely look back on these old videos anymore, but I’m pretty shocked when I see them, I couldn’t get my voice to go back that low anymore if I tried. Why? ")Serves to attribute a woman's comedic or intellectual superiority to a specifically feminine trait rather than actual competence. (See, personality: broad spectrum of verbal behavior spanning "is not clinically mute" and "enjoys humor," all the way to "expresses an opinion. NEVER NEVER call a girl hot! Just listen to a sentence or two, say it in your own voice while recording on your phone, and play it back, comparing the pitch and speaking style to what you hear. Where I come from, "husky" means raspy and masculine. Engage students in your virtual classroom with Prezi Video for Google Workspace After 2-3 weeks of doing steps 1 and 2, you can finally start humming. Above are two YouTube videos I had made for a strategy game called Go. For male to female transitioners, their voice can be their most hated quality, so let’s see if we can fix that! Simply put, the ‘news’ voice is by design more monotone and of a lower register. How to Afford a Gender Transition on 30k / Year, An (epi)genetic understanding of gender expression. And once your larynx starts to hurt/ache, STOP. This will aid in building a dominant, authoritative voice. And then who’s going to pass flawlessly while talking to telemarketers?? But if you push your voice too hard you could strain it. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader.