Kathy Kane was a wealthy Gotham socialite who became Batwoman in order to woo Batman. Batman doesn’t love, he just has a lot of reckless sex. Batman’s origin story is the departure point for many different renditions of the character. If there was a number two, though, it would be Selina Kyle, a.k.a. He worked diligently, but also fell in love with and eventually married a woman named Nora. As she grew into a young woman, Rachel became a bold and crusading assistant D.A. McGinnis was created for the Batman Beyond animated television series, as a continuation of The New Batman Adventures, originally meant as a character for the DCAU.For a long time, he was not considered a character for the main DC Universe. Rachel Dawes was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. And recently, DC's New 52 comics have tied Ivy's origins more closely with Bruce. In the New 52 it has been confirmed that Dick and Barbara have feelings for each other. Catwoman. In Batman: Pavane (1989), while being interviewed as a potential candidate for the Suicide Squad, Pamela reveals to Inspector Stuart on how she became Poison Ivy. Here's how and where to stream all of the Batman movies, going all the way back to Adam West's 'Batman' (1966). Countdown introduced Earth-12, an alternate universe with its own version of Terry McGinnis and other Beyond-like characters. She was actually in love with Batman himself and the man behind Batman. She wanted to be lovers instead of enemies. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Clooney, Chris O'Donnell, Uma Thurman. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon had an on/off relationship. She first came to life as part of the Dark Knight Trilogy. She was much more a love interest to Bruce in Batman & Robin than the barely present Julie Madison. Having a cold heart doesn't mean you're incapable of feeling love. They did get engaged but Barbara ended it. Looking to watch all Batman movies in order? Rachel is the childhood love of Bruce Wayne and is one of the only people that gets what he is really about.Of course, this turns into a huge problem; it kind of has to right? Rachel Dawes is purely a product of the Batman movies, and never appeared in any of the comics. Just ask Victor Fries. in Gotham City that was under the thumb of powerful crime lords. The best love interest Batman has ever had? Publication history. When she heard about Batman, she instantly fell in love with him—believing him to be the “perfect man”; going so far as to make a love … No seriously, Batman’s greatest love is….. Alfred. His is a sad tale of loss, obsession and villainy.An expert in the field of cryogenics, Victor led a relatively normal existence. They weren't really enemies to begin with. Directed by Joel Schumacher. Her niece Betty worked as her sidekick, Bat-Girl. In initial versions, he’s the inscrutable almost anti-hero, and in others, such as the 1960s television series, he’s a much more levelheaded guy living in a much less corrupt city.The 1960s series leaned heavily on camp, and prompted some to think of killing off the character forever. Batgirl is the love interest of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, later Nightwing and at one point the second Batman in the Batman comics. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City. Easy: dark vengeance. You've come to the right place. Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Sadly, things took an unfortunate turn soon after.