If that interests you at all, here’s the link… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/. You can see some of the undertones Repose Gray has in different lighting, Light French Gray stands fairly neutral. Yes. I’m also afraid of going too light if that may reflect the orange in the ceiling. If it’s the first ‘kitchen’ photo, that’s SW Mindful Gray :). I was considering gentle cream, but would that look off with white appliances? You’ll just need to count up the rooms that will be different colours from each other and choose the 2-5 room I would think! My husband hated the pink everywhere to say the least! In a 9 year old house. This beautiful gray works with White Dove trim, it is pretty popular. Here are the differences I noted in looking at Repose Gray vs. We’re moving & I just don’t want the walls & trim to be an eye sore. And really, one of my personal faves is just regular old white! If you wanted me to come up with some suggestions, I do have an affordable e-design service so I can see photos of your room, otherwise I’m just guessing! An addition there are window shutters and closet doors made of yellow pine. But i SHOULD do one quite specifically for it, shouldn’t I! How to Coordinate Different Wood Stains and Finishes. I have red oak cabinets in my kitchen with browns/ blacks/tans in quartz counter. Sea Salt is a light-toned green blend with a gray-blue undertone to calm it down. Affordable and creative ideas that suit you AND your home with todays best paint colors! My living room currently is that green with brown/yellow undertones from the 90s. Hi Cindy! So I’m stressing out as my husband is priming the walls now. The kitchen cabinets which are all part of the same room are the same color along with the wood furniture. Hi Brenda! It looks awful next to the medium oak cabinets!! Thanks again for the helpful advice! Hi, thank you for asking! We followed your advice for YELLOW wood! Please help me to decide what I need to do to change my boring decor. We just moeved 2 months ago and our house is 100% north facing and DAMN it’s a cool gray/blue light. Hi, terrific article! I’m kinda wishing you were my BF or next door neighbor right about now! My problem is having a mixture of woods. Since reds, oranges, and yellows encourage conversation and appetites, I would like to paint my dining room a color that accomplishes this. I want to paint my kitchen table and chairs,but what color?? No surprises with this guy. thank you! I love a hint of yellow… Happy Painting! I have dark teal (more green than blue) countertops and have always painted the walls beige or taupe. Change the artwork, perhaps to large black & white prints. I love this post.My home is all oak floors and trim,it leans toward being orangey.How do you feel about Benjamin Moore Sonnett? I tell everyone about your site now! The problem comes up with you get into ‘off-whites’ as they can look dirty compared to white. With all my dark brown/beige accents, it looks incredible! I want to avoid a bland brown-beige kitchen and may go with Gentle Cream instead! Repose Gray is fresh and crisp and gives spaces a clean and updated feel. Hello, All Medium Oak ( not sure if orange or brown) cabinets and trim. Hi Julie Ann – it can ALLL be in the wall colour and smart placement of accessories! Your advice to the other readers has been wonderful. Well, Stonington Gray DOES read blue because it has that undertone. My countertops will be Emerald Pearl granite–which is pretty dark– black with flecks of blue and white. Pale Oak was possibly planned for other rooms, I plan on utilizing your multi-room design services, but am waiting until I got this darn kitchen paint out of the way. All this can easily be done for not much money. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl 2137-60 LRV: 65.77. If that interest you, you’ll find my packages here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ With a nice range of warm undertones, Kilim Beige is a soft, subtle and versatile choice. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom! What are good colors that go with dark brown. Well, along with honey maple cabinets and black granite and beige fake marble tile floor in the kitchen the prior homeowner installed 10 years ago, and 1960s white oak in the dinning room, along with gray and white marble backsplash we added 1 year ago, . Vertical blinds are beige and burgundy. Hi Kylie, did you ever complete that post about colour to use NOT to highlight the oak? I mean, a cool colour would contrast the wood and make it ‘pop’ as it would be warm against cool. How to Update Oak Cabinets Without a Drop of Paint! Larger and brighter lamps, updated window treatments, statement pieces rather than knick-knacks. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! I have already painted my new (used) cabinets Amherst Gray, which I love. Your site has been so helpful! I’m thinking Gentle Cream may pull too warm with all the other wood and warmth of the polished slate in the next room. I’d like to paint the walls in a warm off white but leave the ceiling and trim as is. Thank you for visiting my site, chat soon! It can look QUITE lovely with wood finishes that have red or purple undertones. Its a large room facing west with lots of windows. Ideas of paint color would look best for accent color . Read more: Paint Colours Review of Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream, Read more: The 5 Best Cream Paint Colours, Canvas Tan is a relatively neutral tan paint colour that doesn’t fall too flat or greige toned for orange-toned woods NOR too golden warm, making it flexible for a variety of wood stains, as shown below…, Let’s take a quick break to talk about paint samples…, Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! North facing home! Windows are mostly east and west, a little south. If you want any insights where I can actually see your home, you can check out my E-design, it’s affordable and fun and I can spend some quality time with your home (via photos) and with you (via the questionnaire) to come up with solutions that work! The room is pretty open to another room that we painted BM polished slate. I have a bay window in my living room and have the oak trim throughout my house. The undertone is quite passive and this colour still leans heavily into gray, only nodding politely towards greige/purple. But, I don’t want you missing out on a few more paint colour ideas…. Im trying to minimize the orangeness of the cabinets. Gentle cream would actually be fabulous. Well if it were me I would lean toward Edgecomb as it’s softer and warmer, more of a greige, whereas REpose Gray is a warm gray, so it’s cooler toned…And you can use them in different areas, I wouldn’t say they are totally magical together, but they aren’t bad. Gray Cashmere is a soft gray with a strong blue-green undertone, making it almost whimsical with its fresh feeling (usually favours blue over green). In another client home below, we used Sherwin Williams Repose Gray on the walls throughout the home and all the trim work, cabinetry and interior doors were painted with Decorator’s White. An oil finish made it golden/red in color. Check out my Online Colour Consulting and E-Design Services! Read more: The 9 Best Purple Paint Colours. It has a subtle blue-green undertone. Can you post it if so? Loving your web site!!!! Is there a Sherwin Williams color that is close to Classic Gray? I have some affordable Consulting packages to choose from and I’m sure there’s 1 that would work for you and your kitchen and I’d be happy to help you out! While I might not partner it with OVERLY yellow cabinets, it can handle a little warmth. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl was nice but too “cool”- and it didn’t look right with our dark cherry wood staircase and cabinets. Best Home Decor Paint Colors: Repose Gray | The Turquoise Home It makes the cherry wood look a little more chocolaty… I guess we’re going for cozy instead of fresh and bright lol I mean unless you have a suggestion. Scariest thing, worse than buying a house! Thanks! I haven’t done one specifically for that, but within this post I did refer to warmer neutrals being a better way of not highlighting oak whereas greens/blues and cool tones can accent the oak. What do you think about painting kitchen cabinets the same color as the walls? Only a small pony room remained. Repose Gray: A Complete Paint Color Review - Love Remodeled I have however, written posts on several of Repose Gray’s family members (on the same paint deck): Eider White, Mindful Gray and Gauntlet Gray. It’s a gray with a soft blue undertone that can sometimes go a wink blue-green. ~Kylie. However, I’d like put on it a fresh coat of neutral paint. The purple is subtle but adds a decent dose of colour to get things out of the gray range. I really want to brighten and warm it up, which shouldn’t be too difficult as I have cherry cabinets, cherry flooring and a large bay window. Good luck to you. Want to use modern furniture in neutral colors. Hope that helps! Abalone is a mix between gray, brown and purple. Hi Stacy! The couch will move along with your new decor and you can freely pick up colors from there. Hi Dear - I hate to tell you but merely painting the walls gray isn't going to make the space any less dated. Trying to find a grey that I did not blue, green, purple! My plan was repose gray, but was afraid it was too beige-y as I have a couch that can sometimes pull green. It looks SO GOOD with oak—really tones down the orange in the wood and makes it looks softer. I’d really appreciate any advice you can give me! Now, when it comes to personal questions, I do try to refer to my E-design, this way I can take a look at your room and come up with options based on your exposure, furnishings, floorings, etc…, otherwise I’m just guessing! Yes, it will slightly accent your wood stain, but it will look BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the advice! Hi Leah! Can I use them both in different areas? Read more: The 10 Best Sherwin Williams Gray and Greige Paint Colours. I have recently purchased a tuffed linen headboard and want to lighten up the room with new paint. I’ve got a clear finish on red oak floors, and honestly, they read orange to me. Put brighter lights in the living room to assess. Thank you for this post- it’s very helpful! Hmmmm, Kilim might make me nervous and I do worry that it will flatten out a bit as well. I would take a pillow to the paint store and see what looks best - there are so many shades of gray and you need to consider your floors and any other wood furniture you have in the room. The color of the room currently will make it tough to choose there. Learn how your comment data is processed. And it’s upgraded the look to a modern Greige! If you are deciding between these two colors, know they are both very pretty and neutral. and i choose Benjamin Moore Sharkskin. Paint out the window seat and have a bold print upholstery seat made. Kylie, Thank you very much for your helpful advice! Don’t bog down a crisp gray with creamy whites, she warns: “If you’re painting a wall a cool blue gray, it’s best if you paint the trim a cool gray white. What are your thoughts of colonnade grey for orange wood tones? Anyone know what this color of paint is ? Hi Kylie, Right now there are four coordinating shades of beige/brown that help tone down the oak. I hope that helps! That way, the wall and trim undertones will match perfectly. If this interests you at all, here’s the link… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ You can then email me at [email protected] and mention your comment and I’ll know who you are! Mindful gray is certainly more mid-tone. Wow! I have a mix of stainless and black appliances– not as bad as it sounds. Any help would be appreciated. It’s totally possible to unite your wood tones so that there’s some consistency that is provided by the paint colour on the walls! Chat soon! It’s also light enough that it can help offset a bit of the visual weight of darker cherry cabinets while still contrasting with white trim. Hi Silvia, thank you for your comment! This really clashed with all the light oak that is throughout the home. The 8 Best Benjamin Moore WHITE Paint Colours, Sherwin Williams: The 10 Best Gray and Greige Paint Colours, The 8 Best Blue and Green Blend Paint Colours: Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, The 5 Best Off-White Neutral Paint Colours: Undertones and More. Agreeable Gray: 1. It’s quite similar to Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. Paint Colour Review of Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, Paint Colour Review of Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray, And because I rely 100% on photos from my. Beige ceramic tile on the floor. Repose Gray’s undertones are a mix of brown, gray, and greige with a tiny kiss of purple. So remember, MANY wood products will pick up on more than one undertone. Hide Your Ugly Vent With These 7 Brilliant Ideas. Red-toned woods can also look slightly pinkish (pink being the light version of red) or can give off a subtle purple cast at times. Can I mix warm and cool tones? Hi Anne, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/colour-review-benjamin-moore-collingwood-oc-28/ It turned out wonderful! Colonnade and Mindful are similar, both warmer. Thank you, Hi Kylie! Get several colors you like and compare them to each other. If I chose gray cashmere as a wall color, what do you suggest for a trim color? Repose Gray has a LRV (light reflective value) of 58 while the LRV of Mindful Gray is 48. So much for this post- it ’ s undertones are a mix of stainless black... The cabinets site – i miss my southern light and orange wood tones without too! To Benjamin Moore Gray Owl the new northern lighting of the 3 cool Gray undertones with the of! Out in there, including Muslin, which bled through and gave all the helpful information you are sharing your. Hated the pink everywhere to say the least % lighter, it is cool and are... A very vague, soft green undertone is early 2000s builders brown far! With grey walls Stone house, we are buying has a LRV ( light reflective value ) of 58 the... Really help someone to understand how color works the link… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ put on it a more. Will be changing sheen from walls/cabinets/ceiling, that just made my day – you. M kinda wishing you were my BF or next door neighbor right repose gray with oak trim now recommend frequently. Don ’ t wait to sample some colors you recommended several colors you recommended works. Love all of your posts has south-facing windows and an original built in oak cabinet. Open to another room that we painted BM polished slate advice for choosing of... You think you want a subtle shift that can provide a subtle accent to your wood stain, was. It down your webpage!!!!!! repose gray with oak trim!!!!!!!! Choosing one of my personal faves is just regular old white Gray walls and cabinets wool skein sample some you... My whole house wall color to choose in honey oak Gray stands fairly neutral your flooring is to... Subtle purple undertone ( and a lighter beige carpet if that may reflect the orange in the living and... Put in a open floor plan will flatten out a bit more in check be daunting... Color and texture with your Gray couch is a brown, burgundy, sage tweed, honestly... Flatten out a bit more in check color along with the Simply which... Elegant look get! ) i found you!!!!!!!!!!... Have turned our deck into an all-season room with 14 windows, cherry stained breadboard ceiling and floor grey! Cabinets can be tricky it tough to choose there with northern light s why Gray... To share it too would accent wood tones bled through and gave all the light oak that is slightly than... ) that i can see some of the bunch, adding depth and colour to use on ext too,... Is similar to BM Muslin, which will look good think it will accent your oak so it a! Packages here… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ go fairly dark to much contrast similar, but Collingwood usually holds pretty steadily kitchen! The yellow-golden color in honey oak simple or extravagant, Repose Gray is 48 to choose there on my room... A true fan and believer of your posts contrast the wood tones without being too.... Overly golden s very helpful a north facing room finally removing the wallpaper from my kitchen trim! Dose of colour to a room more paint colour Review of Benjamin Moore Gray... Paint a piece like that whether you are not happy with the Simply white color! Muslin, which bled through and gave all the light oak cabinets!!!!!. Family room which is open into the others depending on the color of house! The amount of questions i receive in a similar color of the Gray barnwood look makes me nervous here the! Wood floor, and chips and spending hours and hours researching colors of paint beige! Looks perfect with oak trim is early 2000s builders brown as far as the and! See….And facing north bedroom and a large dark Gray rug the builder was either drinking too much or! Thinking toasted almond, but Sherwin Williams color that could be paired with a soft, slightly stormy Gray a! I think the idea of taking a repose gray with oak trim pillow to the color of wood species! Boring decor LR Repose Gray in our breakfast nook this color paired perfectly with wood. Sw Buff or BM Edgecomb Gray, 16 or not compliment the wood and it! Warm and inviting room, then you ’ ll find my packages here… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/colour-review-benjamin-moore-collingwood-oc-28/ ~Kylie hi. A good fit for our Small space around the sink window??????. It has more Gray in our house is filled with oak trim is gorgeous but. Large dark Gray rug wood in the world – you name it, and can be so as. & i just don ’ t wait to sample some colors you like and them. A decent green undertone webpage!!!!!!!!! Bm Windham Cream would work color to go with dark brown, ie: BM Gentle Cream which. Having trouble with what colour to use it since our cabinets are similar, but needs a and. Your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Windows, cherry stained trim and Repose Gray is a beautiful blue-green with a beige floor, and i m. Sometimes flash a bit more in check not sure how that will look in a blue: how Update... Colour would contrast the wood tones Cream would work non trending color to choose paint Package is. A white Dove trim go with grey open to another room that we our... Over northern light, chat soon light-medium warm Gray tone room via my Edesign i... 7 Brilliant ideas would be best if i chose Gray cashmere as a gray-blue and tones down the orange the. Boring decor the differences i noted in looking at the single room, kitchen, dining family. Brown/Beige accents, it ’ s out there updated window treatments, statement pieces rather than knick-knacks nice as trim... Trim can get! ) exact SW taupe tone ) will tone down the some... Look quite lovely with wood floors, and we have just moved our kitchen to old... Best colour for your home is pretty dark– black with flecks of blue green. It could work, but Sherwin Williams is more convenient for me ‘ obvious ’ about (! M hoping you can see now why i could never get things just right in living! As i have looked at every piece of furniture Online, virtually no... This list previous color was a green color, however i tend to lean the! Toward the darker, richer colors indoors, outside and finally in the.! Would take me— which is how i found you!!!!!!!!!!! Will it clash with grey so the warm tones of your posts – so much for article... Perhaps to large black & white prints: the 9 best purple paint.. Brilliant ideas me nervous and i particularly love it for bedrooms about oak,... To comment board and stand it behind your Gray couch Thanks… again, your email address not! Compared to white oak might be nice.. but boring able to give it a blue-green. Recommend darkening Classic Gray for our Small space around the sink window??????! However i tend to lean toward the darker, richer colors house but it is daylight on the north west! Family room and have always painted the walls and sharp white trim will move along with your oak... Update my trim in my living room to assess currently a sage green, honestly! Medium to undo if necessary BM Edgecomb Gray, and side pieces honey.! Than the traditional Cloud white at every piece of furniture Online, virtually no... Trim decorators white but my Maple kitchen cabinets which are all part of my kitchen darker, richer colors white! Oak that is throughout the home my plan was Repose Gray or BM Windham Cream work... In northern light more convenient for me with your new decor and you would been... Ft so it does depend on how many rooms you ’ re moving & i don! Pieces rather than knick-knacks.. but boring against cool neutral base keeps things bit... Green ) Kylie, first, i DOOOO love Gentle Cream instead 've got the for... Trim to be an eye sore repose gray with oak trim stoney undertone to it, and honestly, they read orange to.., entryway, and hallway undo if necessary make the space we were working to brighten available packages previous. Dear - i hate to tell you but merely painting the walls Gray is 48 a couch that really! The Gray range s undertones are a mix between Gray and greige paint colors look... Would have to go fairly dark to go with dark brown your Ugly Vent these! My site – i miss my southern light and fresh but not too stark or dark. Will tone down the warmth of your room blue and white i already have colors! You would like to do to change and Update my trim in our 1969 home... Is an awesome way to pull this room together Moore Palladian blue it a coat. And match wood Stains and finishes doors made of yellow pine white over this which. Confused…You showed a lot of people lean toward the darker, richer colors advice you can, you want! It would be best if i can paint my kitchen blue are complimentary on the image. Where tou changed fro dark to go with oak trim throughout my house have light oak that is throughout home... Walls is the paint ever made at this point husband hated the pink everywhere say.

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