Give away customized merchandise as party favours. Stock a lot of cones with all available ice cream flavours. Unicorn Sparkle Party Supplies. You can have pink flowers in vases on all of the tables, as well as pink tablecloths with pink confetti. This theme would be perfect for a super feminine girl’s second birthday party – pastels and a pretty cake and you’re done! Dress your girl in Wonder Woman’s outfit. Another girly second birthday theme – think fancy tea party… Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. This classic story and beloved Disney character is the perfect inspiration for a little one’s birthday party. Decorate the venue with Hannah Montana, microphone, and guitar cutouts. Distribute small jewellery boxes as return gifts. Our kids’ birthday party themes include everything from the latest movie characters to classic sports, games and topic themes … You can get nail polish remover, and an array of nail polish colors for guests to do their nails. Providing either party favors or goodie bags for a birthday party is proper etiquette. Pink 1st Birthday Party Ideas. Try this birthday theme on her next birthday and let her find happiness. Order a customized cake with a Hello Kitty figure on it. , and dress the birthday girl in a pink or gold outfit. Hello Kitty is another all-time favourite animated character that makes a great party theme. Decorate the venue with blue and red balloons and Wonder Woman posters. Having listed so many ideas, your little girl is sure to look forward to her special day. Time to make your tween experience the freedom of choice through some fantastic birthday parties! Order a customized cake with Barbie doll figure on it. Decorate the house to resemble the Pride Lands of Africa. Decorate the venue with polka-dotted balloons, curtains, and tablecloths. Girls love Disney princesses!. Perhaps it is flatbread pizza, or homemade ravioli. A picnic party forms the best birthday party theme in case your girl’s birthday falls in the summer. Why we love this idea: It adds a theme and a structure to your virtual party … Check out the Royal princess first birthday party theme for girls from Kara’s Party ideas. You can make pancakes and have them add in what they like, such as bananas or chocolate. Dress your little girl up in a mermaid dress, which you can buy readymade or get stitched. Dress your girl in a beautiful, colourful frock. Personalizing cards with glitter and foil is the perfect addition to a girl’s birthday party. Decorate the venue with Hello Kitty cutouts. Make DIY snowflakes with paper and hang them up with thread. Distribute mugs with fairies printed on them as return gifts. If you want to WOW your party guests and celebrate a special out of this world birthday party, this is the birthday theme … Order a customized cake with a Minnie Mouse figure on it. At, we carry hundreds of party themes that kids love. Decorate the venue with Dory and Nemo paper cutouts. Finding the right party theme for someone in their pre-teens can be tricky. Dress your girl in a yellow t-shirt with blue shoulder strap pants. This is more of a rustic theme, and you can utilize your backyard for this party. If the birthday girl has a creative side, throw her an art-inspired party. Planning a birthday party for your little girl is such a fun experience. There are many places that have a variety of jumpy houses for birthday parties. Distribute ice cream lip gloss as a return gift. Personalizing cards with glitter and foil is the perfect addition to a girl’s birthday party. Personalizing cards with glitter and foil is the perfect addition to a girl’s birthday party. Wait no more and go for an ice cream themed party for your princess! Distribute Finding Dory themed customized items as return gifts. Distribute Hello Kitty printed stationery as return gifts. Make sure to have some that are chocolate and others that are sour candies for some variety. Order a customized cake with butterflies on it. However, before you can do all of the decoration planning, you need to pick a theme. You can follow on Instagram and Pinterest. Surprise! You can also order this elegant Happy Birthday banner here. For an activity, everyone can make candy jewelry to wear around the party. Organize a play party in the garden with giant bubbles that can easily be made at home. JoJo Siwa Party Supplies. Organize a Barbie fashion show or a photo shoot for the girl gang. Decorate the venue with cutouts of different Disney Princesses. This is a fun and interactive option for kids of all ages. Get creative and fun with the birthday party invitations! There are a lot of places that have already fired ceramic that you paint and then fire again. Dress the birthday girl and the guests as the sheep. Barbie dolls are loved by girls, which, in turn, makes this theme a must-try. With a laptop aimed toward the room, your guests will be able to appreciate the party theme you’ve chosen. Send invites with the Hogwarts stamp on it. Order a customized cake with Elsa and Anna figures on it. Order a customized cake which has a rainbow on it. Organize a game where kids have to name the flower that appears on a projector screen. Adventure Party The birthday girl is one of the bravest people you know, and you want to highlight this in her party. Having a bohemian birthday party seems like a huge trend for girls recently. You can have her choose one thing that she wants to cook. Ask for the birthday girl’s input through each step of planning. The thirteen-year-old girl still continues to believe in … Kids are intuitive and curious beings with their minds running at a hundred miles a minute. For dessert, you can have cupcakes with frosting that spells out “POW” or “WHAM” like in an old comic. Jump to a specific section to answer your question: For the most part, 1st birthday parties involve more parents than children. I would like to see more party ideas that aren’t exclusionary. Organize a Karaoke singing competition for the girls. Pick three parents to be judges, and have the rest of the guests decorate a cupcake of their choice. Dress your girl in a shimmery golden or silver dress. Keep a pink colour scheme and decorate everything in complementing shades of pink for her birthday! What color accents pink best besides gold? You can also have a variety of food like “worms in dirt”, also known as chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies, and gummy worms. It’s hard to see little girls grow up, and her teen years are for exploring her interests and expressing herself. Organize a “Wonder Woman” themed party for your super girl to make her feel powerful on her special day. If your child loves baking and wants to have it be part of her party, then having a cupcake war is the perfect idea. Themes that include magic and fairies can make your birthday girl go wow! Serve pink cupcakes, candies or jellies and order a customized pink cake. 17. If the birthday girl is creative and loves art, consider taking her to a place that has painting ceramic for kids. Tea for Two . From the flowers to the perfectly frosted cake, you want everything to go smoothly. Imagine having all flavours at one place at one time. Dress your girl in a customized Barbie doll outfit. After the party is over, remind her to, write thank you messages for all of the birthday wishes, Girl Birthday Party Invitation Inspiration, The Best Gifts To Buy People During Coronavirus, Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends & Family, What to Write in a Retirement Card + Retirement Messages, Celebrate Your Grad With A College Send Off. Distribute star wands, tiaras, and paper made wings to the guests. If girls are spending the night, make sure you have an idea of what you want to make for breakfast in the morning. Consider having s’mores outside instead of a classic cake for dessert. … Distribute polka-dotted mugs as a return gift. Little girls love our unicorn and mermaid party supplies, and boys go crazy for dinosaurs and Despicable Me. When it comes to Zoom birthday party ideas (or TBH, any tips for how to have a birthday in quarantine), you have to get a little creative. Decorate the venue with paper cutouts of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Most of the time these places are used specifically for birthday parties, so they have a place to eat food and cut the cake. If you are looking for something more general, check out our posts in the Birthday Decorations section. Tie pink balloons to your mailbox or outside of your house so everyone knows where the party is. Adult Birthday Idea for 10-years Old Girl – Pajama Party One of the popular themes for a birthday is a pajama party. Also Read: 15 Stunning Return Gifts for 1st Birthday of Your Baby, 27 Amazing Birthday Party Themes for Girls. Distribute Dory printed caps to the guests as well. Pink themed party décor can be a perfect idea for your baby girl’s first birthday party. So, why not let your girl be their favourite Disney princess for one day? Distribute glitter nail paints as return gifts. Decorate the house in the mossy bottom farm theme. Little girls are fascinated with the magical world of mermaids and it is an ever-increasing popular 1st birthday party theme. Get a personalized cake with a picture of Simba on it along with your baby girl. We have some amazing party theme ideas for a rocking party where not only your girl but her girl gang will have a blast too. If your baby girls loved flowers, this theme is a must-try for her birthday party! These 35 birthday party themes should inspire you. 20 Birthday Party Themes for Girls That She's Sure to Love Go beyond the stereotypical pink decor with these fun girl party ideas that range from mermaid to science. Order a customized cake with a Hannah Montana figure on it. My 4 yo hasn’t yet been to an all girls party and is in her 3rd year of the party … Unicorn Party Supplies. If you want to add donuts to more of the snacks, you can make fruit skewers and add in a few donut holes. Decorate the venue with Barbie cutouts and Barbie dolls. Dress your girl up just like Hannah Montana. This theme is the right one to celebrate colours reflecting happiness and celebrations! Ask your guests to come in their nightdresses. Decorate the tables with a lot of flowers and greenery as centerpieces. When planning a birthday for your teen girl, this theme could save the day! Distribute Hogwarts logo printed mugs to the guests. Choose from over 60 girl's birthday party themes – from favorite Disney, Nickelodeon, and Mattel to several themes sold exclusively through Party City. Have the birthday girl help you choose the invitation, make sure that you include all of the information on the invite, and  send them out at least a month in advance so everyone can clear their schedules. Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020. ‘A trip to the circus’ is one birthday theme that is widely adored by kids. She can choose to be more active, or do something creative. By Jamie Ballard Purrfect Party Supplies. From invitations to the birthday cake, and everything in between, go all out with this pink birthday party theme . Flowers help in creating a fresh, fragrant and happy vibe. Purchase themed merchandise to give away as party favours. Provide cucumbers in little jars as well as a variety of different facemasks. Visit their Website. Hang up some clown and circus animals’ cutouts. However, before you can do all of the decoration planning, you need to pick a theme. You can also give out little bottles of nail polish and nail files to girls as a favor. Perhaps they come after everyone has skated and join for food and dessert. Moana-Themed Birthday Party With its bright colors and uplifting soundtrack, a Moana-themed birthday party is a natural fit for a Disney-loving girl's celebration. Because the child is so young, it is mostly family friends and relatives that are invited to the party. Here are 27 Creative birthday themes for girls, which will make her feel special and celebrated, just like a princess: If your baby girl is a member of the pink brigade, this idea is for you. All rights reserved. Decorate the venue with yellow and blue balloons and minion cutouts. Everyone in their lives has once hoped for a fairy to transform their lives, just like Cinderella’s! Meeting at bars and restaurants amid the new … Make her dreams come true with a cooking party. Dress the birthday girl in a polka-dotted dress. Party City has put together an array of birthday party themes for adults and kids that will help you celebrate in style. Birthday Party Theme For Girls Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code - by Getrefe Team Birthday Party Theme For Girls Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code. L.O.L. Many of these studios are used to birthday parties, so they know how to handle food and dessert as well. You can have different signs around the house that say “to the lake” or “canoe rentals” to set the theme. 5 1. Ask your guests to dress their girls as Disney princesses. What color accents pink best besides gold? Polka dots do have a retro feel; however, nobody can deny their style quotient! Girls’ love for shimmer and shine is not unknown. To bring the theme alive, a customized … Decorate the venue with picnic blankets and baskets. Then why not try throwing her a mermaid themed party? You can adorn the house with the famous characters, and place “Eat me” and “Drink me” labels on the food and drink. Party … Distribute personalized party favours with Elsa, Anna or Olaf printed on them. Decorate the venue with shimmery and shiny pom-poms and shimmery balloons. But we don ’ t stop there. Distribute toys made to blow bubbles as party favours. Discover thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends. Not only kids but adults love ice cream too. Stock plates, glasses, napkins and spoons in all colours. Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For Teens Movie Night Birthday Party. A butterfly party theme is a simple theme that can be easily implemented for your little princess. Find the Right Girl's Birthday Theme for Your Party. No matter how old your the birthday girl’s turning, remember to try and throw a party that she wants to have. If the birthday girl is the ultimate sweet tooth, this candy shop theme is the perfect idea for her. Styled by Ashley's Dream Decor. Mermaid Sparkle Party Supplies. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. This party tackles an activity and dessert all in one, but you can still choose to serve more dessert if the birthday girl has a sweet tooth. Talking Tables Truly Alice Party Supplies. Organize a photoshoot for the girls in front of a sparkly, glitter background. Distribute guitar key rings or Hannah Montana printed tote bags as return gifts. There are so many gorgeous ideas, such as stunning balloon … Distribute pink coloured stationery or small pink mirrors as a. Have her share her ideas for an ideal theme and work with that. Their input is everything, and these following themes are sure to not disappoint. Serve cupcakes with fairies crafted on them. Decorate the venue with fairy and butterfly cutouts. Decorate the venue with pink and black balloons. No matter what she chooses, there are always lots of different options. Every little girl needs a fun, memorable birthday party. Distribute skipping ropes as return gifts. Decorate the house with balloons and heart-shaped pillows. Supplies and resources: Netflix subscription; Popcorn to send to guests; Tip: Use Netflix party to run a group stream. Dress our little angel as Nala or any of her favourite characters from Lion King. From Disney princess themes to “two-tti” fruity themes and tea parties, you name it … Distribute heart-shaped stuffed pillows as return gifts. Here are 27 Creative birthday themes for girls, which will make her feel special and celebrated, just like a princess: 1. Pamper the birthday girl with a spa themed party that will make her feel like an adult. Order a customized cake with the figure of Ariel, the mermaid, on it. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Pink is the color most little girls want to see everywhere. Whether it’s the birthday girl’s. You can have pink flowers in vases on all of the tables, as well as pink tablecloths with pink confetti. Give out prizes for first, second, and third place. You can hang flowers on the walls and have girls make daisy-chain headbands as an activity. 4.5 /5. Have all the guests come dressed as the characters of the movie, or give them masks of the characters to wear at the party. Girls love jewellery, and this love grows with age! Distribute wonder women tiaras to the kids. Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments. Have fake butterflies glued on to a clear string and hang them along the walls. Get all of the supplies for it, and assign a task to each guest. Let’s see a category of 50 birthday party themes for children since boys and girls often go to the same parties. The ‘All Pink’ Party. Show the birthday girl that she is super, with this superhero themed birthday party. You can have inflatable donut floaties in the backyard for pictures and decoration. Dress your baby girl up in a beautiful frock with Hello Kitty badge on her dress. No matter how old your the birthday girl’s turning, remember to try and throw a party that she wants to have. Birthday Party Ideas for Girls. Order a customized cake with a fairy figure on it. Order a customized cake in the shape of a jewellery box. Depending on her interests, find the place that is right for her and her friends. Dress your girl up in a polka-dotted red and white frock. Whether it’s the birthday girl’s first birthday, or her 16th birthday, find cute birthday party themes for girls of all ages. Think pink! Decorate the venue with ice cream cone cutouts. Tie pink balloons to your mailbox or outside of your house so everyone knows where the party is. Organize a party in a nearby park or your garden. Consider sending out pink and gold invitations, and dress the birthday girl in a pink or gold outfit. If your baby girl is a member of the pink brigade, … Order a customized cake in the shape of a sorting hat. Elsa and Anna are all-time favourite Disney princesses, and the winter theme associated with the movie makes this party idea even more happening. Decorate the house with balloons and flowers in all colours. Incorporate these two colors in almost every decoration that you have. Order a customized cake in the shape of Dory. Dress your girl up in a black and red frock. Create an account or log into Facebook. Shutterfly, Inc. All rights reserved. All of the tables can be set with lace, and centerpieces can be light pink and red roses. Find the nearest ice skating or roller skating rink towards you. . Distribute headbands with red bows on it. Play the birthday girl’s favorite superhero movie, and provide popcorn for everyone. Bubbles are beautiful and a favourable birthday theme for partying in summers. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. Does the birthday girl love watching cooking shows? From invitations to the birthday cake, and everything in between, go all out with this. For another fun activity, you can find a recipe online for everyone to make homemade lip balm or bath bombs to take home. There are just a lot of fun ideas to arrange a rocking birthday party for your little boys and girls. If you want to personalize it a little more, have a sign or banner that says the name of your child, such as “Karen’s Art Party”, for everyone to see. This theme is a great idea for your girl’s first birthday! Order a customized cake with loads of sugar flowers on them. My kids love having birthday parties at home that are simple and fun. Mermaids, unicorns, butterflies, princesses, ponies, rainbows and kittens – you’ll find everything you need to create ... Trending Girls' Birthday Themes… Dress your girl up just like a fairy with a set of paper made wings pinned to the back of the dress. , find cute birthday party themes for girls of all ages. Party Supplies. Have the birthday girl help you choose the invitation, make sure that you, include all of the information on the invite. Choose the one you think is the best and watch them all have a blast on your little darling’s birthday! We love the hot air balloon cake by 2 Sisters Cakes. A lot goes into planning a birthday party, so try and start the process early. Order a customized cake in the shape of a castle. We’re sure that your little angel loves Ariel, the mermaid. Get capes and masks for all of the guests to wear around the house during the party. Consider sending out. Is Roblox Safe for Kids – Here’s What Parents Need to Know, Self-contained Classroom for Children – Usage and Setbacks, How to Teach a Child to Chew Food – Easy Ways for Parents, 15 Fun and Engaging Math Activities for Kindergarten, Parenting a Toddler: Making Them Independent vs Their Safety and Health, Tips for Dealing with Stealing in Children, 18 Foods for a Healthy Heart That Will Help You Live Longer, Top 90 Scandinavian Last Names or Surnames, 100 Popular Ukrainian Names for Boys and Girls. Make the cupcakes beforehand, and then fill bowls with various kinds of frostings and sprinkles. Order a customized cake with a clown figure on it. Since this is the case, the party should be inspired by something that a one-year-old would love, but that is also tailored for adults. This fun Valentine's Day celebration is for girls only! Make sure that when you are planning, you include them in all of your ideas. Make sure that you include which kind of rink you are going to on the invitation so people show up prepared. Dress your girl up in a dress that has all the colours of the rainbow. Order a customized cake in the shape of a watermelon. Dress your girl up in an elegant dress with a beautiful piece of. It is no surprise that girls love fashion. Distribute mugs or stationery with Minnie Mouse printed on them as return gifts. ! Order a customized cake in the shape of a bed. Dress your girl up in a beautiful frock with small wings pinned to her back. Dress your girl as her favourite Disney princess. Decorate the venue in blue to create an underwater scene. Underwater/Ocean Birthday Party Theme. 2nd Birthday Party Themes for Girls Have Your Cake and Eat It Two. You can serve healthy snacks, as well as have a sundae bar for everyone. I rounded up some fun teen birthday party ideas for her - she's dying over that Instagram party… You can have painting as an activity, and create either monochrome or rainbow colored cupcakes for dessert. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Girls’ birthday parties are so sweet and sugar coated — pinks, golds and dashes of rainbow unicorns! You can have a small bag filled with white and pink personalized m&ms. Serve round sandwiches and cupcakes with sugar bubbles on them. Who doesn’t love bouncy houses? You can also glue them on to vases, and place them on the cake or cupcakes so that they are incorporated into the dessert. For a special little girl’s 2nd birthday party, the ladies chose a pink and purple hot air balloon theme. Decorate the venue with red and white balloons. Try having a camping party that’s inside of your house! This one is for the birthday girls who are ‘Shaun the Sheep’ movie fans! If she doesn’t want to have something super “girly” don’t force it. Pineapple & Friends Party Supplies. Dress your princess in a beautiful pink frock or a gown. 27 Creative Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls. This venue is a good idea for girls turning a little older. Barbie printed stationery as a return gift. Distribute hats with butterflies printed on them. You can have large fake lollipops around the house along with balloons. Minnie Mouse is an all-time favourite! Harry Potter is a popular option irrespective of gender and age, so why not go for this adventurous theme for your girl’s next birthday? If guests enjoy tea, have a larger table filled with tea party supplies for guests to help themselves.