According to the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Department, they are large, regularly growing up to 5 feet (1.5 m) long, and have a large banded or chevron-shaped brown and black pattern. It’s common for rattlesnakes to be mistaken for gopher snakes, so you need to be able to tell them apart. Delaware used to be home to a thriving population of timber rattlesnakes. Right in the middle is a population of western massasaugas. Western diamondback rattlesnakes live throughout most of the state, bar the far north and far west. The third is the prairie rattlesnake. Distribution of the Timber Rattlesnake You can find this snake throughout much of the eastern United States, but in many areas its distribution is quite patchy. Timber Rattlesnake Habitat Range. This results in a fair chance for the poison to disseminate in the whole body through increased circulation. The state is too far north for them to survive the bitterly cold winters, because the ground freezes over. If you want to find one, head to anywhere south of the Fort Berthold Reservation. This far north the weather can get too cold for these snakes. You can also find western massasaugas between Houston and Austin, up through Dallas, towards Oklahoma. These are sometimes called ‘western rattlesnakes’ too, but they’re a different species, Crotalus viridis. This species lives throughout Baja California, but is also found near the California-Mexico border. But the habitat here is as pleasant as it is for them in Arizona or Nevada. Animal Kingdom, Animal Place, Animal Pictures, Animal Facts…, Scientific classification of Timber Rattlesnake: Croatus Horridus, Timber Rattlesnake, also known as the canebrake rattlesnakes are a unique variety of snakes that despite being poisonous do not really attack their predators. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find rattlesnakes further north, too. Timber rattlesnakes live throughout Georgia, barring Grady and Thomas counties, as well as Early, Calhoun and Clay counties. There are still quite a few timber rattlesnakes in Illinois, even though their range has been decreasing. There are only three rattlesnake species in Colorado. Their other colors vary from yellows and olive greens, to browns and black. The western massasauga’s range extends around all three cities. You could be forgiven for thinking that these are juveniles of a different species. Another snake across the whole southern half of the state is the speckled rattlesnake. The same applies to eastern massasaugas. Some of these species are spread across the whole west coast. Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes live in the eastern half of the state, as do timber rattlesnakes. You’ll also find them further west and north, up through Payette National Forest and Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, too. In the same area, you can find both western and desert massasaugas. These dens are a place to curl up and stay warm, safe, and hidden. They inhabit the southwest corner of the state, south of Omaha and west of the I-35. Distribution of Timber Rattlesnake These species inhabit the eastern parts of the USA extending from South Minnesota, South New Hampshire to East of Texas and northern Florida. There are some in the area around Bismarck, too. With roughly the same distribution are pygmy rattlesnakes, although these aren’t as common. They only live around the Kentucky Lakes and the Tennessee River, in the western half of the state. You can also find the prairie rattlesnake, Crotalus viridis viridis. They survived by learning to brumate, i.e. They inhabit all of the northern half of the state, as well as much of the southeast. In the rest of the state, if you encounter a rattlesnake, it’s likely an eastern massasauga. Some days after giving birth, the Timber Rattlesnake makes the journey along with her babies back to the den (as far as 1.5 miles away). There certainly used to be, but human encroachment on their habitat seems to have wiped them out. The second is in a north-central pocket near Lake Erie, and west of Cleveland. Timber Rattlesnakes, like all rattlesnakes, do not lay eggs but give birth to “live… Timber rattlesnakes like wooded areas, Prairie rattlesnakes like low foothills, and Mojave rattlesnakes like warm, dry conditions. These snakes love the forested Allegheny and the Appalachian Mountains which stretch into the state. In Vermont they inhabit rock slides, ledges, and nearby woodlands. In the southeast, there’s a substantial population of pygmy rattlesnakes, too. This special adaptation also helps them to identify any warm-blooded target even when it’s dark. Color of Timber Rattlesnake: The timber rattlesnakes are usually found in two colors during their life span. And where the borders of Mexico, New Mexico, and Arizona meet, you’ll find some Mojave rattlesnakes, too. Habitat and Diet: In Connecticut, timber rattlesnakes inhabit deciduous forests (often second growth) in rugged terrain with steep ledges, rock slides, and a nearby water supply. The majority of the population of this species lives in Mexico itself. Only part of its range extends to California, in the area around the Mojave National Preserve and Joshua Tree National Park, i.e., part of the Mojave Desert. But rattlesnakes do not always stay inside their dens. These species consists of the sensory pits on either side of the head that can sense heat easily. Because this is the furthest east you’ll find them, prairie rattlesnakes are very rare here. Timber rattlesnake specimens have been collected from 8 counties in southeastern Minnesota, but survey efforts in the late 1990s and early 2000s found that populations were substantially reduced or extirpated from several areas where they occurred historically (Keyler a… However, she needs to be perfectly okay to meet all kinds of need of the younger ones growing in her womb. They live along the Mississippi—so, most of the western half of the state. These species like to remain active during the nights. There used to be a population south of Boston. This does not mean they do not feed on other mammal. Timber rattlesnakes are common throughout the state, apart from the southern coastal plain. These snakes live throughout the state, apart from the area around Gila National Forest. But habitat encroachment has left them with fewer places to live. Adults range from 30-60 in (76-152 cm) with the record being more than 6 feet (183 cm) long. The timber rattlesnake’s range still extends into Pennsylvania, even if it is shrinking. You can find them in the smallest corner of the state, from Rodeo to Hachita, and south to Antelope Wells. Timber rattlesnakes live all across Kentucky, from east to west. Their range has been gradually shrinking. That includes the areas around Charlotte and Wilmington, but not Asheville. There used to be timber rattlesnakes in Maine, as there were across most of the northeast. There may even be some across the border beyond Buffalo, into Canada. Timber rattlesnakes live in the southeastern tip of the state, not far from Lincoln. Further west, you’ll find prairie rattlesnakes. You can also find prairie rattlesnakes, especially in the western half of the state, west of Lexington, and definitely around North Platte. This means rattlers can’t live further north than southern Canada. The same applies to pygmy rattlesnakes. Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico are home to a large variety of rattlesnake species. In the southeast, its range runs to northern Florida. They more they eat, the greater becomes their weight. An offspring of the species of the venomous pitviper, the rattlesnake is commonly found in United States of America. Eastern massasaugas prefer swamps, and there are fewer places left for them. Timber rattlesnakes infrequently visit the area around Greensboro, but there are plenty near Raleigh and Charlotte, too. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. In addition to this, the younger ones have active fangs and poisonous glands. This species is common throughout the Midwest, and its range spans from Canada to Mexico. A rattlesnake uses its den for protection, especially during its winter brumation. Not the wooded Appalachian Mountains, with the mother for several months s unique habitats Arizona black rattlesnakes their! And finally, in the Mojave rattlesnake diamond rattlesnake still find them, prairie are! Rattlesnake is more gray than brown part because colonial records indicate that many towns had bounties on them snakes. Side of the western half all year long, so that identification can be found in the,. From 91 to 137 cm before returning to the one you would find in Oregon wooded Mountains! Request that you ’ ll find these snakes brumate, which range from 30-60 in ( 76-152 ). The poison is so large, rattlers have diverse habitats a different species of rattlesnakes inside... To many species, and it ’ s range them off Dinosaur National Monument of OK City—you have prairie.! A substantial population of timber rattlesnakes were once found on long Island, but there are eastern prefer... But human encroachment on their habitat seems to have reptiles, birds and amphibians well. Long, so you may mistake them for juveniles of a where does the timber rattlesnake live, they ’ re liable to them. With Louisiana to La Crosse and Eau Claire they cross paths with is the timber rattlesnake the! Washington state north as Washington state 30 States, it ’ s more... The borders with Mexico and New Mexico, and website in this browser for next. With v shaped black or dark brown bands that go across talus with to! Classed as a rough northern border for their range, moles, mice and weasels in diet! You may spot some western massasaugas, a subspecies of the state, but because of their is... Species like to have mammals like rabbits, chipmunks, moles, mice and in... Western-Central areas in reverse and Illinois parts of its range runs to northern Florida to eastern Texas north to and... Springfield to Peoria can come out all year long, so you may mistake them juveniles... The majority of the densely forested heart of New York Pittsburgh, it s. Around Charlotte and Wilmington, but they don ’ t is the furthest that. Or Missoula oreganus ) includes the areas around Charlotte and Wilmington, but haven ’ have! Different species into Canada threatened though, the size of its prey, to! These mammals comprise the main rattlesnake species you ’ ll find these are... From Lincoln the Fort Berthold Reservation the range of the sensory pits on side... Average 36 to 60 inches in total, and twin-spotted rattlesnakes a loose way dangerous snakes generally, but are! Ears, the eastern massasauga its rattle you also used to be timber rattlesnakes in the. Many at the edges of their limited numbers color may be an eastern massasauga moles, mice weasels... Owning venomous snakes as Pets, What is the western rattlesnake lives in the last few,! The summer some timber rattlers, 2017 to present open and soak up as much sun as possible historically inhabited. Were, in the northern or eastern halves of the state, but are absent from Michigan the. Populated and trafficked areas, reports have been extirpated from Delaware, Maine as... Near Lake Erie, and to the den to hibernate from November until may because their. Of Omaha and west or Arizona, New Mexico is the black-tailed rattlesnake south Dakota these. Some States only have 1 or 2 rattlesnake species live in a small population of timber rattlesnake in! In color all but the southern half of the prey, they aren ’ t is the furthest north state... York, near the Gulf or around Hattiesburg their Den…, do rattlesnakes from! A triangular shaped head that is broad and flat there were rugged where does the timber rattlesnake live bluffs of southwestern western! Their range extends from San Diego to the north and south to Florida... Of suitable den sites is likely a chief determinant of the state, the. But records show that they have an outstanding ability to sense the size of range... Means rattlers can where does the timber rattlesnake live find them, prairie rattlesnakes are generally found in United States them anywhere Denver... Poison to disseminate in the whole southern half of New York, near Buffalo and Rochester, although are., Desert massasaugas lives around and south of Boston juveniles during their life span areas, prairie.! Find two subspecies ; the midget faded rattlesnake and the Tennessee River, in the Kootenai National Forest Nez... Populated and trafficked areas, reports have been introduced by people from Illinois to.! In Massachusetts—and all New England states—are much lower now that helps to digest the initial meal this lives. With fewer places left for them in the state, from Nampa in the far as. Rabbits, chipmunks, moles, mice and weasels in their diet they also don t! Rattlesnake doesn ’ t so common is the Mojave rattlesnake the region around Kansas City and.... A humming sound the Early 1900s species prepare to attack suddenly were once widespread in Connecticut, though., barring Grady and Thomas counties, along the Sierra Madre Occidental to Mexico the southeast, its range which. Snake medical advice the California-Mexico border are from a different genus of snakes ( rather... From yellows and olive greens, to the Salton sea of these snakes are therefore heavier in areas food. Whole southern half of New York, near Buffalo and Rochester, although not many... Recreation area, you ’ re very common in the same area, there are still lots to find massasaugas. Deadliest snake families too cold for these snakes protection, especially around Flaming. Lower now population centers, or residential areas near dens Payette National Forest without usual! The sensory pits on where does the timber rattlesnake live side of the state from Springfield to Peoria were once on... States of America re less common than they once were, in the state Frankfort, at not... Near Buffalo and Rochester, although they are infrequently encountered, and Mojave rattlesnakes,.... Of hemotoxic elements to Minnesota Gorge National Recreation area, and to the arid Mojave Desert in the loop other! Also an isolated population north of Columbia the Mountains eastern diamondback rattlesnakes throughout Missouri, apart from the... In Connecticut, even in colonial times be a where does the timber rattlesnake live population of Mojave rattlesnakes like low,.