Appropriate communications channels must be efficiently used for the program’s dissemination. A mission is important to an organization because it synthesizes and distills the overarching idea linking its practical strategies, enabling management and employees to align the specifics of their actions and decisions with a clearly defined vision and direction. Management must describe how a business change or a new policy will impact employees. Importance of a Communication Strategy. The importance of strategic communication. For insights and commentary on current business issues, view our articles. Knowing the importance of communication it is best to ensure you have professionals at the helm in this area. If you want to learn more about the importance of strategic communication, you can read more here. Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. Adjutant General(Retd.) 429 Lenox Avenue The communications team needed to work hard to create weekly updates that captured the attention of the “point and click” younger generation, while not alienating the more prose-oriented older employees. If planned well and intelligently executed it can affect attitudes and behaviour. […] Well-designed communication programs are essential for sharing a company’s strategic plan and providing other important organizational information that informs employees of the organization’s goals and objectives, business priorities, products and services. Judging by the response on Yammer, the company’s strategic communication has definitely increased employee engagement. Effective employee communication brings the best thinking to the forefront, reduces uncertainty and engages employees. Strategic communication is a vital activity that supports the military, in peace and in war. & GCTC Executive Board Member. Creative communication included many difference vehicles — videos, contests, links to more detailed background information, input from various functions and locations and platforms like Yammer for immediate two-way communication. 1. Most General officers feel that they are both senior leaders and senior communicators. And then decide on regularly undertaking audit through experts who understand perception and sentiment analysis. Introduction. You can know … Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. His team fielded an employee survey to find out how the employees thought the company could build greater momentum, improve costs and spur innovation. In our clients’ case, their workforce spans a number of generations, geographies and functional areas. The ability to integrate all joint force actions to maximize desired effects on selected audiences. Strategic communication is not an additional activity; it is part and parcel of the planning process and conduct of operations. Suite 422 If we recognise the importance of strategic communication for the Army, then five postulations are proffered: In sum, this was not a theoretical treatise about Strategic Communication. Though each medium addresses different audiences, lack of imagination and story-telling prowess for these social media platforms comes out starkly. My answer would be: Communications - whether that is marketing, advertising, Public Relations, Press Relations - which directly contributes to the overall Strategic Business Plan and specified Business Objectives. This shared purpose is the outcome that all are on the same page. The rollout of an effective strategic communication program involves an education process with employees that is designed to build support, maintain organizational strength and shift attitudes in accordance with the established objectives. Strategic communication Strategic communication is a part of a democratic society. Consider aligning each strategic driver or pillar with one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in an effort to join a global narrative. Writing is a fundamental business skill that can greatly affect the credibility and success of an organization. 1.1. We are living in an entirely new information environment and are engaged in the war of the information age. Numerous articles and research studies have shown effective communication to be an important driver of employee engagement, which leads to improved financial performance. Keeping a successful business depends on the quality of communication and understanding that exists between executives, managers, supervisors, other colleagues, and customers. If planned well and intelligently executed it can affect attitudes and behaviour. The fact of the matter is that often it seems that strategic communication is being undertaken as if by rote. For instance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram carry out the same caption, picture or write up –like “details of martyrs of 1948”. Speaking of diplomacy, in diplomatic/military contexts, strategic communication is a process for delivering a unified message through public diplomatic channels, public affairs (government spokespeople) and information/psychological operations. We are fighting networked adversaries that enemy have highly professional and sophisticated propaganda machinery that exploits electronic media, internet, social media to disseminate messages globally, to recruit adherents, to radicalise population and provide pre-recorded videotapes and audiotapes to show their success rates. By, Stuart R. Levine The all-important question is that have we measured up to the challenge of this change, or have we fallen way short? Strategic communication that ties the organization’s objectives to its core values and mission sustains momentum, increases personal drive and pride in the organization. Strategic planning starts with defining a company mission. The narrative then becomes a journey over a longish period, months, and years and may be decades! Effective internal communications can also create … Miami Beach, Florida 33139, Phone: (516) 465-0800 Messages are most effective when communicated through more than one medium, using multiple communications outlets such as print, the organization’s intranet, social media, town hall meetings and most importantly, face-to-face discussions. It can be used as the most important tools to shape the environment. In lieu of face-to-face interaction with customers and clients, crafting a focused communications strategy is crucial so that you can continue to nurture the professional relationships you have worked so hard to establish over the years. SC-002C. Through effective communication, leaders engage employees in a conversation that generates support for the organizational strategy, motivates useful behaviors and, through empowerment, allows the employee to participate in creating the desired change and thereby increasing organizational value. In actual fact, the audience is the best judge, of good communicators, those who repose confidence, and give a feeling that they can be relied upon. Effective Communication is significant for managers in the organizations so as to perform the basic functions of management, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. All the essential information must be communicated to the managers who in-turn must communicate the plans so as to implement them. Strategic communications are an integral part of our efforts to achieve the Alliance's political and military objectives". 8 The role of writing in strategic communication . A well-articulated plan will help people get on the same page and articulate a consistent message. Communication and dialogue are the most effective methods to have in order to know what is going on in cross-cultural and diverse environments. The program will help you acquire in-depth knowledge about the core concepts of business communication, including the various facets of creating a communication strategy. Strategy is important because it will give you a guideline of the future targets of the company using which, the company can realign its marketing strategy for the product which is facing fire. Even if you’re dealing with the biggest jerk in the office, strategic communication can put him in his […]. Strategic communications fuses the pushing and the delivering. Employees deserve consistent and regular information on changes that affect them. Our adversaries are certainly communicating effectively. It can also launch new product variants or new lines and lengths if the strategy allows. Strategic communication is not manipulative or negative as propaganda is deemed to be. Within three months of becoming a CEO, our client realized that top management was not leveraging all the creative, innovative ideas within the company. Lasting impact requires two-way communication, so management must actively seek feedback in order to understand what is working and not working, and make changes accordingly to reflect employee input. Strategy is an important aspect for any organisation; it is the foundation of every solution provided for organisation and it supports the creative direction. Strategic communication is a well thought out plan for marketing and promoting a business. The Army must focus on the need to broaden the baseline communications skills of all Army officers and make them all communicators. A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (2015) found that 70 percent of employers look for evidence of strong writing skills in recent college graduates. Strategic communication can mean either communicating a concept, a process, or data that satisfies a long term strategic goal of an organization by allowing facilitation of advanced planning, or communicating over long distances usually using international telecommunications or dedicated global network assets to coordinate actions and activities of operationally … The Importance of Communication Christina L Young, Student Grantham University Option 3: Traditional Paper Abstract In this paper, I approach what is the importance of communication. Having targeted and effective internal communications in the workplace is a goal that business owners and leaders often struggle to achieve. However, strategic communication for senior officers, especially with those with charisma, can be a force multiplier. When we get ready to accept Strategic communication as an imperative, we will have to design the schema concerning who should be reached and in what way. Well-designed communication programs are essential for sharing a company’s strategic plan and providing other important organizational information that informs employees of the organization’s goals and objectives, business priorities, products and services. According to Wikipedia “communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic.”Communication should be meaningful and it can be expressed in several ways.. 10 Importance of Communication that You Should Know. Communication must be taken as a strategic weapon to assure organisation and dissuade and deter adversaries. Show More. The basic elements of effective strategic communication messaging include: In order for a strategic communications program to be effective, senior leaders must understand and embrace the communication strategy, rationale and core messages. Basically, strategic communication is a perception strategy that provides information, ideas and actions, to align the perceptions of key audiences with our policy objectives. The cornerstone of a strategic narrative is a shared purpose, for example between the Army HQ, and the Command HQ. Yet, communication professionals and communication departments around the world continue … To include stakeholder input in the communications process: These people are important to your organization, and this will show them how much you do value their input. Gallup reports that those organizations falling within the top 25% of employee engagement in their client database not only have significantly higher productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction, but also reduced turnover, lower absenteeism and fewer safety incidents than those clients falling in the bottom 25%. If planned well and intelligently … To learn more about our Effective Meeting Management Course, EduLeader®, visit But they cannot help the organization achieve institutional goals unless the professional communicators are part of the decision-making process, whether that’s at the leadership level or in … As The Gallup 2013 State of the American Workplace Report affirmed: “Engaged workers are the lifeblood of their organizations.”  And effective strategic communication creates engagement, and increases the likelihood of financial success. 1 There is also a growing understanding of the vital importance of strategic communication for the survival and success of organizations. In summary, well-designed communications provide employees with the tools for a stronger and more consistent expression of the organization’s brand. Strategy for strategic communications? Communication helps managers to perform their jobs and responsibilities. 1103 Words null Page. The results were then shared with the employees through succinct weekly email updates, many of which contained links to videos of employees whose suggestions had led to cost reductions, better customer service and improved benefits. Remember that complex changing business environments require even more communication. 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