I need to find a way of doing the pinky wash coat in a solvent based product. Great blog. I opt to use Davies Paints. Thanks for the heads up on your paints of choice. Spray used was Zinsser Bin stain spray . I’ve never used Zinsser before, always thought it was only available in the US for some reason. It didn’t endear us to it even if we could have afforded it! However, we live in what is deemed to be a ‘remote’ area so knowing our luck won’t be able to source it anyway without massive delivery premiums! You know how gloss paint stinks and takes ages to dry? MC Home Desk Episode 1: Electronic Purifier Facemask. The kitchen and hall doors haven’t been glossed for some time. I love a good scrub. Thanks for taking the time to share that with us all Linda. The emerald green lead paint rockers are also still bright green. One more thing why I chose these set of paints is they have low odor. It was heavy rain when painted . Premium 100% Acrylic Elastomeric Paints DAVIES Sun & Rain is an ODOURLESS self-priming and water-proofing Low Sheen Elastomeric Paint. When doing the change from oil to water, Zinsser BIN is a godsend. The window sills/boards scratch or mark very easily and I am often doing touch ups. Invest in a heat gun for future projects . A few pointers/tips/products I have been given are: Views. Did you already know about this? did you know that johnstone paints have the exact formula for farrow and ball and a license which they get from F&B. So what do I do now? There were layers of various paints including some early one coat water based gloss. Do heat guns work on water based ? It’s a gloss! Thought it was how the painter applied it, but than I noticed the surface where I put 3 coats on (to hide a bumpy surface) also yellowed. I also want to point out that I am a veteran DIYer, and cut my teeth on our first house in 1972 when we first married. This seemed to be much harder wearing than the others and being a fast drying product allows two coats to be applied on the same day (as they all can do). This will extend the time the paint is workable and enable you to get a better finish. 4. You could use Zinsser 123 primer but it seems over the top to me. Davies Classitex. Not to worry – I finished the job. With care you can get a great finish. 5 YEAR’S. You may have guessed the result! It took 3coats but doesn’t need any other paint on the top. intelligentsiya will also bear witness, report and … (Don’t get me started on their decision to do the kitchen in non-kitchen non-scrubbable no-name magnolia; I’m about to start over with Farrow & Ball so will watch out for the paintbrush issue.). Hate that stuff. I always sand well to create a key and degrease etc. Use one coat of primer/undercoat and two of gloss or eggshell. I mixed it up thoroughly with an old screw driver until it became a uniform white. Thanks Rebecca. Pu, helmi, aura respectively. 500g/lt You have hit on a point that many have fallen foul of in the past, namely the lack of supplied information by the paint manufacturers. Preparation is about 80% of the job! This is a real problem for those of us who are working in people’s homes, keeping budgets in check and tradespeople sweet. I discovered a full tin of white gloss paint manufactured by ‘Crown’ paints. And this is something I have issues with. This is great! We continue to expand our reach and find new ways to … It really is a minefield. I will say their colour-mixed wall emulsion is totally fine and looks great. Probably another coat of paint will last for a while but the three coats of your Valspar underneath are not adhering properly to the old paint. Goes on a treat, almost like an oil based paint. I have since used F&B primer and eggshell paint straight on to old gloss paint on window frames and skirting done by previous owner and have had no problems with peeling or chipping. I need to continue investigating…. It’s a total pain in the ass to apply as it has to be super thin coats and built up very slowly. Good luck Paul! Best water based paints I’ve used is Johnstones Trade Aqua satin (or gloss). Their emulsion was absolutely fab. Do not over brush as the paint dries fast. There’s no need to go back to the wood, just remove any gloss or sheen on the previous coat and clean away any residue/debris left from this process. Views. Turn your can around and take a look at how you clean your paint brush. I’ve also got a pine-lined bathroom – that was just plain wood, which was given C&R primer and then Acrylic – 6 years on, it’s fine. It covered and grabbed on great but its useless to clean etc. No matter how much preparation is done, within a couple of years the paint wears off. Although drying time was fast, curing time took a little longer at about 4 days, before anything could be placed on the surface. Luckily, Little Greene still sell a traditional oil-based eggshell and gloss, which they manufacture using naturally occurring vegetable oils, keeping in line with the VOC regs. which means you get the exact mix using their paint in gloss, matt, eggshell, or whatever at Johnstone prices and the paint is ok. So before using any water based eggshell/gloss, you now need to use a water based primer too. Yes! If you keep to a system and follow prep guide lines then most water based systems are fine. The Johnstone’s oil based eggshell seems pretty hardwearing to me. No way put my son in there as is it a chemical or what. The Bishop of St. David’s was elected President for the congress at Tenby, and for the ensuing year. My daughter is an amazing painter, and she is now redoing most of my house inside, and is shocked at discover of lack of standards by said professional. I applied a matt acrylic varnish last thing at night for speed of drying (there was an oil based finish beneath). There are multiple benefits to this which include achieving a smoother finish as it will remove previously applied brush marks, bits, nibs or other imperfections (runs etc), but more importantly in this instance, to provide a key for the coating to adhere to. I call in a local chap who does decorating. As of today, I already finished the kitchen and in our dining area. When I used LG intelligent eggshell and its undercoat over the Chalke it worked a dream. This is a 3-in-1 Water-Based, Glossy Enamel meaning it can be used for any surface. I’ve used different undercoat under it, all water based and had no issues. It is true that the gloss does not have the sheen of an oil paint but overall I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. You can still have the colour you want in the F&B colour chart but mixed in a more robust paint system especially designed for the harsh environment. A couple of years ago my hardwood conservatory needed repainting, both inside and outside, and as it is a huge one I decided not to risk doing it myself but get professionals in. Most likely green. Valspar Sherwood Forest and Gentle Shadow. Nobody at b&q or F&B could advise, F&B helpline said I should have used their primer (and claimed the SA would never have told me not to use it!) After painting the woodwork there was the familiar smell of wet paint. 5,0 von 5 Sternen Five Stars. Water based paints, with their naturally low VOC levels, have fast become a popular alternative.” Dulux. Will look it up! The neck relief was .012" and the action at the 1st fret was 1/64" x 2/64", again moving from the 1st to 6th string. Oh and their chalky emulsion is certainly one of the best on the market – gives a tough but chalky-looking finish. 2) Water based paints for woodwork are so fast drying it can make smooth application harder as the technique of ‘laying off’ which traditional decorators would use to reduce brush marks cannot be done easily with water based as there is so little workable time for the paint. and you can touch up..unlike F&B which is now rubbish. Decorator added coat after coat. And again, nobody advised me to purchase a specialist undercoat for the eggshell either. I am not a professional painter, I’m a furniture maker, but wanted to learn more about painting for built in furniture, I bought a small xvlp sprayer too. Zinsser BIN is great but not always necessary. No spam. He said he’d rather give up decorating than ever use it again. I primed the bare areas with the Zinsser shellac primer and decided to use oil based undercoat and satin to avoid the problems experienced by Alison and others. I always use oil based with a real bristle brush for good ‘laying off’. Well, within a horrifyingly short 4 months it had started to flake and peel. Similar price point to F&B and Little Greene. Either choose oil based or water based for the whole lot, don’t mix a water based primer with an oil based paint and vice versa. What gets a middle-y though is that fact that nobody’s really informed us, the customer about how this changes things, in practice. Yes I’ve used LG floor paint. It’s just not cutting it i’m afraid. C&R eggshell is acrylic based ( Ive not tried it yet) Homebase sell their paint! Lucky for me, my partner in life, Guess who's juggling homeschooling again (whilst p, I’ve been off here for a few weeks as i’ve fel, "White rabbits!" Great info – I’ve stumbled across this VOC thing recently too and wondered what the crack was. In my opinion, the idea that water based paint will not adhere to oil based painted surfaces isn’t quite right although I know where you’re coming from. Since there are cabinets and doors to be repainted as well as the stairs, I need to have another color. Peeling or flaking paint is usually from a lack of intercoat adhesion and abrading the surface is the most common way of remedying this paint defect. I think you would then be able to just use a recent white matt emulsion to cover followed by one or two coats of a Dulux or similar quality colour of your choice. Solvent based? My customer went on about F&B’s 5 year warranty. Davies Paints. The last time it was done was around ten years ago. Will certainly consider the Polyvine varnish now. It’s also really bad for the environment. Fair. And now the doors are swelling as the days get warmer and harder to open / close. The next morning the cabinet was green! Any paints you swear by? If you see the work of a highly knowledgeable professional painter you will see why. that doesn’t suffer from this problem? Krud cutter gloss off – comes in a spray, scrub it on wipe it off it chemically etches gloss paint for better adhesion of the primer. I then attempted to apply Farrow & Ball eggshell. **sigh**. So long beautiful ho, I'm reeeally excited to share these photos from a, Hello there! So unless you’re willing to sand your woodwork right back to basics, i’m not convinced their water based paint is quite cutting it. Well worn. Davies Acreex. Oil or solvent based paints as we knew them could no longer be sold because of environmental reasons. Views. What can I do. Like Meera and as I said to you, I found Dulux’s Trade Satinwood to be really good with no issues of chipping or yellowing and I only used it because I was getting frustrated with the oil-based paints going yellow on me. I was even convinced he has used the wrong stuff and went to retrieve the empty tin but it did say ‘Satinwood’. This is one bare surfaces, primed, sanded down, straight on top, a whole mixed bag. Davies Aqua Gloss It. Hi Karen I know this post was from a while back but I’ve only just stumbled on it! (I love to see the natural wood but want a subtle pinky cosy feel rather than any of the traditional wood stains). oil based Dulux diamond, or Johnstones acrylic. (Don, http://www.polyvine.com/index.php/en/varnishes/water-based-varnishes/heavy-duty-wood-varnish#slider, Carpet Cleaning Guide To Removing Paint Stains – Green Cleaning For You, https://blog.making-spaces.net/2019/03/12/benjamin-moore-paintlikenoother/.