The X3 Bar markets itself as a full exercise solution. It also has a much smaller total area than the Gorilla Bow, even the disassembled travel version. YouTube video issues aside, the Travel Gorilla bow is a solid product that blends the advantages of two different types of workout equipment into a small package. You can get a full-body workout with good form and not too much wiggling. This would be better suited for high reps. Once you've attached one or more bands to the bow… The bands are color-coded by weight to make them easier to identify. Underneath the covering is a thick round bulb designed to keep the band from slipping past the claws at the ends of the bow. learn more DISCLAIMER - The information contained on GymPerson is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before engaging in any exercise program, making changes to your diet or taking any supplements. I did so for about a year 7-8 years ago. The heavier the resistance you use with the Gorilla Bow, the more awkward these exercises will be. Users can train inside the house, in the garden, in a park, or even while traveling. Turn the bow over so the loaded end is on the ground. Although it probably won’t be able to replace a full commercial gym, you can definitely get an effective and intense workout and build some muscle. It’s basically two thick, adjustable straps and two handles. Here are a few of their benefits. The tension will now keep both ends in place. You can start as light as you need to and work your way back up to normal. The BodyBoss rivals the Gorilla Bow in stability and variety. The external anchoring will make it a bit harder to do horizontal or pulldown exercises. These include the following. We use cookies to ensure we give the best experience on our site. (Or: Even if these days, you mostly only “travel” downstairs and back, the travel version is great for getting in a few reps when you feel like you’re falling asleep at your home office.). Load all four bands, 10, 20, 30 and 50 pounds, onto the bow. Chest presses, for instance, are possible, but if you relax the tension too much, the bands slip out of position and you have to put them back in place. The X3’s maximum resistance is listed at 500 pounds, but the company says they regularly use it with as much as 1000 pounds of resistance (though we don’t even know who can lift that much). There are four different colored bands that you place along the resistance side of the bow so that you can train the … Here’s an example of a full-body workout: Yes, you can build muscle, but it also depends on your current strength level. X3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow – Are They Useful? Both aim to offer a complete full-body workout plan but they also struggle in a few areas, such as offering tension with the entire range of motion of certain exercises. Made with high-quality steel and thick rubber bands, the X3 Bar and the Gorilla Bow aim to offer an alternative to fitness training. But resistance bands do not replace weights for those into training, they complete workouts’ complexity. Instead of a bow-shaped frame, it has a flat, rectangular base that you anchor the bands to and stand on while exercising. We only recommend stuff we absolutely believe in. The training system can be used at home for better fitness. If you want to get a hard workout you would want the. The entire setup includes a 500lbs-capacity bar, a ground plate with similar load capacity, and 4 resistance bands with different resistance levels. Hi Tim- I saw your review of Gorilla Bow. We’ll explain how in writing, but in practicality it’s very easy to use. The three 21-inch pieces fit easily into the travel bag that comes with this version. It gets its resistance from your own body weight plus gravity. We’ve listed here some of our favorite compact home gyms. With the exception of overhead exercises, there’s a very low risk of injury compared to weight training. It’s up to the user to abide by a weekly training routine to see the benefits of these systems and to shorter the learning curve needed for home resistance bands training. For more great tips on how to use your Gorilla Bow with the correct form, here is an example from the manufacturer of a 25-minute long full-body HIIT workout. Click on the blue button to add a new comment. Variable resistance training is any situation in which the resistance varies during the motion of an exercise, for example, resistance increases when the band is stretched and … These and other types of exercises are supported by the X3 Bar and Gorilla Bow resistance training systems. Gorilla bow vs x3 bar keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on … Various bands allow for more resistance. It’s also much cheaper than the regular version. Its 400 pounds of maximum resistance makes the Gorilla Bow our champion in a pound-for-pound ranking of compact portable exercise machines. The bands are made using latex material and hence, people allergic to … This is not comfortable. Not every resistance band system is as versatile as the Gorilla Bow. Adjustable Resistance Levels - Select up to 2 bands at a time and combine resistance to get the best weight for every exercise. Once your bands are attached to your bow, you’re ready to go. The heavier the resistance you use with the Gorilla Bow, the more awkward these exercises will be. If you want to get a bit more creative with your Bow, here is an independent instruction video with some out-of-the-box exercise ideas.
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