It’s not going to take you from audio install newbie to Sprinter aftermarket stereo guru. The basic idea here is that you need to make the correct connections between the stereo and the chunk of wires dangling inside the dash that you unplugged from the stock stereo. If you have a problem that has not been addressed, send it to me as a COMMENT through our contact page describing your particular problem. It has a clean interface, and minimal flashiness. I’m glad the stereo worked for you – that was a good price for that unit! We crimped most of the cables. Apart from those issues though, this head unit works well. It ain’t pretty, but it got the job done. Our list of requirements was pretty minimal: We chose the Sony XAV-AX100 (Amazon link). The Sony cable for the microphone was just about long enough! You can place it in the top corner of the windshield, run it down under the A-pillar cover to the back of the head unit, and call it good. That’s it. Want a true 4WD Sprinter with locking diffs? It has a speckled finish just like the rest of the dash area. So long as the harness you buy has retained accessory power (keeps the stereo’s memory), backup signal, handbrake signal, and maybe VSS (speed indication), you’re probably good to go. Get the best deals on In-Car Entertainment Equipment for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter when you shop the largest online selection at It’s wider and taller than any aftermarket unit you’ll find. All the other electrical items in the dashboard and everywhere else are working fine. Even though it sounded OK when you were parked up, road and engine noise easily overpowered it. Then we went down the page connecting each one in turn. my radio does not work at all ever since i got a jump start. Instead, we mounted the speedclip on to the tray tab, even though the hole through the tab is oversized. Once you’ve got the grilles out of the way you can remove the A pillar cover. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes of shutting off the van, locking it and walking away. 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Where tech goes to work. You can use a female one like, If you have the factory backup camera, it comes with a FAKRA plug on the end rather than the normal RCA plug. One is CAN-bus access and one is power requirements. Dual Fakra Car Radio Antenna Adapter by Keple, Double Fakra Plug Vehicle Aerial Stereo FM Navigation GPS Connector for Car Models,, And this Fakra Z Male to SMA Male Extension to connect it to the head unit. However, even if they did, if the stereo is connected to the same place, it’s possible that the stereo and the running boards combined pull too much power from that connection. Take your time, see where the stuck spots are, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble disassembling the parts of the dash you’ll need to access for the removal and installation. We used. Now the unit is put back into uninitialized mode and will attempt to auto-detect. Again, having the installation manuals for the products will help you work that out. Usually, everything works again after we wait awhile. We used heat-shrink wrapped crimp butt connectors. Installed everything last weekend including a backup camera. It worked just fine for us. I went online to see if anyone else has a similar problem. So, even if you could find a plug that fitted, it’s not clear what signal or data is being sent over that wire. We’re glad we didn’t listen to them. It has 20W RMS per channel, which is plenty to drive the speakers we’re using. Front panel plugged in, even if you leave it dangling loose (it’s on the CAN bus, so it might be important to have it present). Put all the pieces somewhere safe out of the way so that you don’t stomp on them as you’re working in the dash area. Choose from three vehicle lengths, three roof heights and a load compartment volume of up to 17m 3, and front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (4x4). And if that is the case, then the AC … To move between audio sources involves tons of button pushes. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. I am running into an issue with the back up camera not showing up automatically when in reverse. coincidence Im not sure?. If you choose a head unit with GPS, you’ll probably also want an adapter for the GPS receiver mounted in the van’s antenna (if you have it). please help. The 2019 mercedes sprinter radio display not working causes are loose wire or blown fuse. Iglhaut Allrad is coming to the USA. Hi guys, 2016 Metris Cargo radio will not turn off by key or button. Hey Diesel – Our CR1294B fitted OK, but there was one area where the instructions made no sense and Crutchfield support couldn’t seem to understand what our issue was. I was able to find this adapter on Amazon that looks like it will plug into the cable leading to the Sprinter’s stock GPS antenna behind the Becker module. Steering wheel controls, 3.5mm AUX input, USB port and the back-up camera function are all retained with the RP4.2-MB11. Start by prying off the surround panel that covers the central dash area – the radio and HVAC controls. You might want to check with others on the forum whether their switched wire also drops to 4.4 volts. If you did it carefully, without damaging any of the clips, then it’s all going to go back together just fine. This way, you can easily tell if you’re missing anything. I have a 2005 E320 mercedes and my Navigation system is not working.As soon as I press Navigation Button, It says Navigation Activated .Can you help as to what is wrong? It should work for you too. We used our set of trim removal tools for this and all the other panel removal. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (w906) (200Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (w906) (2006 - 2017) - fuse box diagram6 - 2017) - fuse box diagram We’re not sure whether it was Sony or Scosche who weren’t following the DIN standard, but it was a real pain. It has three distinct personalities depending on whether you’re using it as a stock unit, using it with an Android phone, or using it with an iPhone. Regular GPS FAKRA connectors are co-axial, whereas the one in the van is a 4-pin. Seems like I must be missing something, but I can’t figure out what it would be. You can do it yourself by downloading the installation instructions and finding out where the cables are, then tracing to find the connections. This normally restores the systems to working order. Blue Sea Systems’ warehouse just burnt down – expect low stock, NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version, Removing the rear door panels on Crew and Passenger vans, Choosing a van (Sprinter, Transit, or Promaster). Shopping for replacement car stereos is not a pleasant experience. Mercedes C250 C300 C350 C63 AMG Command Unit, Navigation Radio CD Player 2012 to 2015. Thanks for the instruction and recommendation on stereo. So, check those connections. When we’re calmer, we’ll try again. The screen is blank and the CD slot won't take a CD either. This would also be a good time to run wires for a subwoofer. Luckily, if the unit was playing the radio or a connected source before you pulled the key out of the ignition, it’ll carry on playing even while the safety warning is on the screen. Let’s get the annoyances out of the way first. The output has dual coax fakras right next to each other. We chose to replace it with an aftermarket unit from Sony that has Apple Carplay and Android Auto so that we can use our phones to provide navigation and music through the stereo. That’s a minor problem because that plastic contains the place where the center clip from the very first panel you removed is supposed to attach. Well, sort of. The bottom edge of the plug has a tab to pull, which then levers up and out. We are really disinclined to mess with that stuff any more. Today at work I got the chance to drive a brand new 68 plate Mercedes Sprinter, it had a factory fitted radio which had FM, MW, LW and surprisingly 5800-6250 Shortwave. The XSVI has a socket on one end that closely resembles the socket on the back of the stock stereo. It’s a feature, not a bug. Symptoms It is not uncommon for the Mercedes-Benz instrument cluster (IC) to stop working or gauges to malfunction. The Metra harness comes with a list of which cables are which color. I have a 2005 C320. However, because this started after you installed the running boards, it’s more likely that the issue stems from them. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, chassis (crew cab) Sprinter vehicle transporter "Aluliner" That means you’ll need to buy a fascia panel insert to go around your replacement stereo and hold it in place. It was working fine all along. Because we’re used to phones and tablets we kept trying to touch the screen to make changes. The Wago nuts are awesome. Setting the remote to “Custom” on the Sony head unit lets us then use the Sony custom remote settings to program On- and Off-Hook successfully, but Vol Up and Vol Down both take the volume in the same direction, dependent upon which was programmed most recently. We were only keeping it in place because it had the Becker navigation system installed. How long have you had this problem? Mercedes PRO is available for the Contiguous US, Hawaii, and Alaska with the new Sprinter (as of MY 19). 1 months. We had big issues trying to get the ASWC steering wheel control unit to work. With class-leading innovations that work for you, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans can take your business to the next level. We laid some lengths of 2×4 wood out behind the van, lined them up with the Audio 15 marks, then set the Sony camera marks up to coincide with those positions. No aftermarket unit is going to offer those features, and in fact you need to wire in some additional equipment just to get an aftermarket stereo to respond to the steering wheel button controls for volume up/down and telephone on/off hook. It’s only when you want to make a change that you have to hit the OK button. There will be (at least) two parts to this. Lyle, the Sony has its own graphics that are different (three horizontal bars, no vertical marks) but you can move those bars up and down the screen independent of each other and also change their width, so it’s easy to calibrate them exactly how you’d like them. Warning: You’ll be playing with the van’s wiring system.Some vans have airbags behind the panels you’ll need to remove for part of the install process. Hey there. There’s no Aux In jack either. That makes me think it’s doing something weird and couldn’t be just used as an antenna input. I parked the car set the alarm and returned 4 hours later and the Command is not working. Sony just announced a new model creatively called the XAV-AX200. They also “touch” the CAN-bus. Matt, the Audio15 actually *outputs from* the Becker more than it inputs to it. A while back though, Google Maps added an offline map feature so even that benefit of the stock system was wiped out. Although there are some standard colors, not all manufacturers use identical wires. That way, so long as the unswitched wire can carry sufficient current, you’ll have permanent power to the unit. For you to do that, you will need to remove the fuses for the CD Changer, COMAND/ NAV / DVD Player / Radio, Audio Gateway AGW, and the Voice Unit if it is equipped with one, for at least 10 minutes. When we set the Sony to custom remote rather than default, we could get the call start/end buttons to work but not the volume buttons. Mercedes-Benz ML350 My radio is not working in my Mercedes. Don’t try manually programming the unit. Now that the central panel cover is gone, you’ll see the start of the many T25 Torx screws. Read on for the details. Hi guys, 2016 Metris Cargo radio will not turn off by key or button. I’m in the process of installing the Sony XAVAX5000 following many of the guidance you provided in your write up. My radio is not working in my Mercedes Benz 2006 ML 350. We ended up with the Metra/Axxess XSVI-9005-NAV harness and their ASWC-1 steering wheel control unit (Amazon links). Search Fixya. Maybe you can help. It also has the wiring built in to help the ASWC-1 unit act as an interpreter between the steering wheel controls in the van and the remote control plug on the back of the aftermarket stereo. Want Answer 0. Your van might not have all of them if you don’t have the backup camera option or the navigation option. This next step is going to depend on which fascia panel you choose to use to hold the head unit in place. Because we’re used to phones and tablets we kept trying to touch the screen to make changes. It’s held in with spring clips and plastic guide pins. I parked the car set the alarm and returned 4 hours later and the Command is not working. That might be Metra’s problem, or it might be Sony’s. Download free owner’s manuals for operating and maintenance information about your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or Metris van from the convenience of your computer. The unit has no real output power and super-cheap stock speakers. So that’s one thing to check. I have a 2005 E320 mercedes and my Navigation system is not working.As soon as I press Navigation Button, It says Navigation Activated .Can you help as to what is wrong? A lot of messing about, my 58 reg has absolute quality original sound , I just upped the stereo for a Bluetooth merc sprinter one 2014, again perfect sound. Buying products we, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Adding rear speakers that run from either the stereo or a separate amp, heat-shrink wrapped crimp butt connectors. Does anybody know which is the right one, and why there are 2? Almost all of the fasteners are identical length T25 Torx screws (thank you Mercedes! The second generation Sprinter was introduced in Europe in 2006. Because we’d removed so much plastic from the panel lip, we also had to modify the brackets that hold the stereo in place so that the stereo could mount further forward. With class-leading innovations that work for you, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris vans can take your business to the next level. For a start, the Audio 15 is not a standard (DIN) width or height. I never realized that you could manually turn on the Sound 5 when the key was off, but you can and that may account for the weirdness. Interesting – our Amp Research steps are one of the first generation (probably one of the first batch!) There are hundreds of boxes all with near-identical feature sets that look so similar that you’d think they were all made in the same factory and then had different brand names stuck on the front. Note: re-attach the central dash surround panel wire at this point, but leave the panel hanging. When it’s aligned, tighten the screws back down and clip that central dash surround back in place. Quinn, we connected the reverse in wire from the head unit to the Metra XSVI unit that translates CAN Bus signals from the van into something that the stereo understands. No need for DVD/CD player. We used a Dremel grinding wheel and worked very carefully, with the panel resting face down on a towel so it didn’t get scratched up. There’s only one digital (USB) input. You’ll most likely need a, It’s likely that your new head unit will come with a USB input on the back. We’re still happy with the AX100 though. Want Answer 0. Because the factory unit is wider than a stock DIN stereo, you need a fascia panel that blanks off the surrounding area and also provides a mounting point for the single or double DIN head unit you’re going to add. That’s the workaround that I came up with also. It’s understated, and it gets the job done. It even has the little nubs that the lever on the factory harness plug hooks in to. Learn About Us. $75.00 to $350.00. The four FAKRA ones are GPS (blue), USB (pink), backup camera (green), and antenna (black). I downloaded Spotify and turn on the hotspot on my iPhone and can stream music on the go. There’s a physical volume control knob, the touch screen is particularly responsive considering it is resistive rather than capacitative, and the graphical interface is clean, consistent, and easy to navigate. No radio, no sat nav, etc. I have no radio, ... screen just went dead. Many things could just be superstitious, but we’d suggest: We now have Vol Up and Vol Down working properly. Posted by Anonymous on May 30, 2014. I’m going to thrash with it a little more tomorrow before adding a jumper to the unswitched terminal. Thank you! Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t work AND when they don’t work the aftermarket Kenwood stereo also shuts down. The speaker grilles in the top of the dash are friction fit. It’ll be great to know if these work – keep us posted! A couple of these hold down the panel that covers the top of the dash forward of the driver’s display. Each layer reveals the fasteners for the layer behind it. Instead, we used Wago Lever Nuts on the stereo wires so that we could quickly and easily connect to the rear speaker wires we ran to the dash.
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